Fox, I just remembered that you blow.


Arrested Development: it was a "fun, sexy time."

a little junkies rant:

Mr. Bigshot Fox network executive,

You think you’re so damn smart, don’t you? Well I don’t. If you were, then you wouldn’t have cancelled Arrested Development–the brilliant show that went great lengths to make people think Fox had more than American Idol dollar signs for eyes and Peter Griffin giggles for brains.

I hate you with the fire of at least a thousand suns!


Little Junkies

Now I know there are greats like House and Bones; and I also admit that those bastards at Fox can weave quite a reality tv web. BUT There may never be another show like Arrested Development again–one that made ruffies, illegal aliens, incest, and tax evasion fun. A show that had you rooting for a haphazard bunch of capitalists. A show with the BEST guest spots (Scott Baio, Julia Louise Dreyfus, Martin Short, Ed Begley Jr., Liza!). As Gob would say: “COME ON!”

I miss the show, and I guess I’ll just have to pour over the dvds whenever I’m feeling a little Funke.

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