Disney to little girls everywhere: Ka-ching!

Like, om-effing-g!

Like, om-effing-g!

a little junkies review: 

The purity rings are off! We here at little junkies have made the important life decision to take our heads out of the sand and brave the legions of fan girls addicted to Hanson 2.0. That’s right world, Little Junkie 1 & 2 will be losing their Jonas Brother’s virginity this weekend at Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience.

Stay tuned..we’ll be updating this post soon–that is, unless we are literally trampled to death by ravenous tweens due to snarky commentaries!

UPDATE post-release:

We didn’t make it to the show, but the silver lining is: neither did anyone else. Somewhere, right now, Hanson feels vindicated. (Hey look, ma! I didn’t go and I can still make fun of them.)

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One thought on “Disney to little girls everywhere: Ka-ching!

  1. Taylor Hanson, on the other hand, is involved in quite the musical collaboration via the band Tinted Windows. They’re not bad. And you should see who else is involved. Check ’em out on iTunes Music Store.

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