I’m Just A Girl…that’s freaking out!


It's going to be Hellagood!

It's going to be Hellagood!

Gwen Stefani’s solo-jaunt was a good ride. One that introduced some pretty sweet beats, some new entries to the urban dictionary, an interest in Japanese street fashion, and a Sound of Music shoutout. Alas, nothing could replace the pure, innocent joy of jamming out to a little Tragic Kingdom.

Imagine my excitement when I opened up my Entertainment Weekly and saw the full page ad for the No Doubt tour coming to an arena near you this summer. I went bananas (that’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S)! Tickets go on sale in a matter of days, and (lucky me) I’ll being seeing No Doubt with Paramore (fingers crossed for one of the two tracks they wrote for the Twilight soundtrack) AND Bedouin Soundclash (urban reggae fusion goodness).

Excuse me, Mr. [Livenation]: I can haz some advanced tickets?

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One thought on “I’m Just A Girl…that’s freaking out!

  1. Tracy says:

    The only way you are going to get tickets is by winning them! Stupid legalization of scalping in MN…

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