Team Apatow's Varsity Players

Paul Rudd, you tease.

Vanity Fair’s latest issue is swathed in some of the hottest people on the planet. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a great sense of humor?  What VF points out, that I whole-heartedly agree with, is that there is finally a time in comedy, where the notion of an ensemble stretches lightyears beyond a Saturday Night Live cast side project. Our generation is lucky to have people like Judd Apatow out there to pool some of the best comic talents together to make us laugh. And laugh, I shall!

There is a major focus on Apatow in this piece and trust me, I get it. Just puruse his imdb page and you’ll see why: The Ben Stiller Show, Freaks and Geeks, The Cable Guy (I don’t care what you say, it IS funny), Anchorman, Knocked Up, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Freaks and Geeks! And he made a big impression with the munchie-inducing Pineapple Express skit at the 2009 Academy Awards.

As per usual, VF presents some amazing portraiture throughout the story, and while each vignette is like sweet, giggly music to mine eyes, I must call three counts of Arrested Development-related shenanigans, and one count of gross misconduct!

  1. Where the hell is Michael Cera?!
  2. What is up with shortchanging Jason Bateman?
  3. Srsly, what is up with shortchanging Will Arnett?
  4. Why are there only three ladies?

Tina Fey has proven, as if there was ever really any doubt, that comedy isn’t a man’s game anymore. So where are the Kristen Wiigs, Ari Graynors, Ellen Pages, Allison Janneys, Leslie Manns, Ashley Jensens, and Drew Barrymores? Oh, that’s right. The ladies are just your play things. Here to make the silly mantypes funnier by nagging, ranting or being scantily clad.

Also, VF ran this story under the title “Comedy’s New Legends.” Let me tell ya something, sweetie: these aren’t spring chickens you’re covering. Thanks for finally getting on board with a genius like Apatow, and for really stickin’ it to me by finally giving credit to Arrested Development. Why don’t you just punch me in the face by saying that you really love that girl from Veronica Mars. Oh, and have you heard? Paul Rudd is funny!

Like every other issue of Vanity Fair, I’m lured in by Annie Leibovitz brilliance and then instantly (and often severely) let down by those little serifs floating around nearby. Now I’m pissed…well the pics are great, and I do love the people covered within the pages of Bandwagon Magazine. Do yourself a favor, save a tree, and check the slideshow.

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3 thoughts on “Laugh/Riot

  1. Tracy says:


  2. Junkie1 says:

    I should add: Russell Brand as Chaplin?! He made me laugh in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but as with most people sprung from MTV’s womb, he has done little to prove he is anything more than a one trick pony. Also, does anyone else think he looks like a brit version of Jesse Camp?

  3. Junkie2 says:

    I thought he was jesse camp the first time i saw him! And i was like “seriously? he all but bombed at the MTV awards and you are having him as chaplin?” I thin Michael Cera would have made a much better chaplin.

    I do have to say Jonah Hill as George Washington because he would say “Yeah I chopped down the tree and I’m really f@#%in sorry about it” is brilliance.

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