Speculating in Seattle

Jim Sturgess + VMars = <3 (?)

Jim Sturgess + VMars = ❤ (?)

I guess Hugh Jackman was right: the musical IS back! It’ seems like it’s only been a few days since the Spiderman musical was announced, and now word on the information super highway is Broadway is planning to bring lady-fave, Sleepless in Seattle to the stage. Nocasting tid bits have been announced ( or even alluded to), but I am intrigued byblogger Perez Hilton’s speculation about a certain actress to take on the role of Annie Reed: Kristen Bell. She’s got the sweet spunk of Meg Ryan in spades and certainly has the vocal chops to take on whatever slated composer Leslie Bricusse can dish out. (News to you? Then you must add Reefer Madness to your Netflix queue asap!)

Now, Perez opted for the fairly obvious choice of Colin Hanks to take on his father’s role. I think that I would be more inclined to see a certain Mr. Jim Sturgess–who proved he could sing and act in Julie Taymor’s splendid Across the Universe–as Sam Baldwin. However, I might need to hold my casting horses. I mean, Sam wasa widower with a ten year old kid. Maybe my little dream team will have to be pocketed in place of a more seasoned couple…who would you cast? Kristin Bell could become Mary Jane in the Spiderman musical and show Kirsten Dunst how Kristens do it better, but something tells me Sleepless might be more of a solid bet.

Maybe it’s a little late to pick my brain for casting calls, so I’ll just leave it at that and divert my attention to this little number: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frUPnZMxr08

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