It’s Business Time!

Double-stuffed with goodness!

Flight of the Conchords is one of the funniest shows on TV right now. Think: Tenacious D, but way better.

For your reading pleasure, I have compiled a list of  ten of my favorite snippets from the show. If you haven’t watched the series yet, I highly recommend bolting to your local video hut and giving it a rent. Without further ado I give  you: the list.


Murray: Stuff you Jemaine, Stuff you Brett, and Stuff you again Jemaine.
Jemaine: Why did I get double stuffed!?


Jemaine: We’ve never been ridiculed.
Bret: No.
Murray: You haven’t? Well, that’s a surprise. I get ridiculed all the time.
Bret: Really?
Murray: Yep. “Ah hey… ginger balls!” you know.
Jermaine: That was Bret… he called you that.
Bret: Oh, the other night?
Murray: Well, it’s not just you Bret, it’s all the time, and it’s not just ginger balls, you know?
Bret: I thought that was your nickname
Murray: No! I get umm… “Oh what are you on your way to a dick meeting?”


Jemaine [as David Bowie]: Oh the media monkeys and their junket junkies will invite you to their plastic pantomime. Throw their invites away.


Murray: I’m so angry, I feel like swearing.
Bret: Oh, Murray, you wouldn’t swear at us.
Murray: Go fuck yourself Bret!


Murray: You’re telling me that this is all a joke…
Jemaine: Well not a joke…
Murray: …organized by a couple of jesters? Is this you is it? Oh let’s do a jest – a great big lark in the courtyard of the king and see how he takes it! Is it!?


Bret: Todd’s not cool.
Murray: What do you mean? He’s cooler than both of you put together. Look at him over there with all his friends. He’s like the Pied Piper of cool. Pied Piper was cool wasn’t he?
Bret: Pied Piper wasn’t cool, he took all those kids into a cave.
Murray: No, I mean before that phase; when it was just the rats.


Jemaine: It’s dark, Bret.
Bret: Yeah, I know.
Jemaine: What expression is on your face?
Bret: Umm. Guilty expression. What expression is on your face?
Jemaine: Sad because we don’t have any electricity, but satisfied because I was right about the cup.
Bret: That’s a weird expression.


Murray: Greg are you and I friends?
Greg: I’d like to think so.
Murray: No, we’re not friends we’re only colleagues. I’m your boss, you work for me, don’t forget it


Murray: It’s not good news, Planet Jemaine, it’s supernova-ed.
Jemaine: When did this happen?
Murray: About Four million years ago.


Brett: Did she sound Australian? Australian accent?
Jemaine: Yes, yes
Brett: What did it sound like?
Jemaine: Kind of like an evil version of our accent.
Brett: Did she mock your accent?
Jemaine: Not that I remember
Brett: She may have subtly mocked your accent, you didn’t notice.
Jemaine: She may have been subtly mocking me.
Brett [leans in, whispers]: Did you use protection?
Jemaine [leans in, whispers]: Yes, but only on my penis.


If that didn’t convince you… then you’re clearly late for the aforementioned dick meeting.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Business Time!

  1. Junkie1 says:

    I am stoked the show has made such a strong post-writers strike return for the a-mazing sophomore season. For those of you unawares to the brilliant, muffiny goodness of FOTC: Stop what you are doing and watch it right now! As Murray would say: Get on it, you turkeys!

    • Stephanie Tutt says:

      Darren and I had a good laugh while reading these. Great list. However, I think that “Brabra” may be my new favorite episode. When Jemaine finds out at the end that her name REALLY is “Brabra,” I was in hysterics!

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