Things That Make Me Go…wtf?


Too hot to handle? Apparently not.

Hugh Jackman is one of the sexiest men alive. So I am a little surprised that he was surprised when he put his ass on the line, as it were–well literally, I guess–and got bit. Yeah, that’s what I said. Bit.

He made the mistake of calling a fan’s bluff while in character as Peter Allen in Broadway’s The Boy From Oz. The rabid crazy screeched out, “I want to bite your ass!” during the show, and Jackman told the NY Post he proceeded to hang his booty over the edge of the stage as a joke.

Lady, you’re nuts. Hugh, this is where ‘don’t write checks that your ass can’t cash’ comes from.

I mean, really? If I were to go there I’d at least wait until he was in character as Wolverine

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2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Go…wtf?

  1. junkie2 says:

    I didn’t know you and Rosie made it out to New York this week!

  2. Zrose25 says:

    Lol… We did make it out to see HJ twice when he was on Broadway… However… I didnt know that taking a bite out of his bum was an option. 😀

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