In the A-mazing Department:

That's H-O-T Hot.

It’s my opinion that Daniel Day Lewis is da man…so good that I actually just used the phrase “da man.”

Widley knowns as one of the most selective actors–he only did three films since 1997, and one of those was written/directed by his wife so it doesn’t even count–Day-Lewis has been getting all sorts of chatter for his upcoming role as the troubled film director, Guido Contini, in Nine. There is literally a score of things that leave me in a twitterpated state when it comes to this movie:

  1. Daniel Day-Lewis (obviously)
  2. Rob Marshall directing…
  3. …a musical adaptaion…
  4. …of Fellini’s 8 1/2
  5. Marion Cotillard as DDL’s wife
  6. Sophia Loren as his mother (oddly enough, her Oscar’s splash left me wanting more)
  7. Judi Dench as his producer…
  8. …with a French accent
  9. Fergie as a prostitute
  10. Penélope Cruz as his mistress
  11. Nicole Kidman as his muse
  12. Kate Hudson as a reporter
  13. The November 25, 2009 release date (this leaves me more salivate-y than twitterpated)
  14. Anthony Minghella and Michael Tolkin adapting the screenplay
  15. The fact that Kate Hudson got the role Anne Hathaway tried out for (::cat fight::)
  16. The fact that Katie Holmes tried to score Marion Cotillard’s role and lost (ha.)
  17. The fact that Catherine Zeta Jones was set to play Claudia (now in Kidman’s hands) until she got all diva-style and demanded her role be “enlarged” (Cue kick to curb)
  18. The cast has a combined six wins and one nomination from the Academy
  19. Umm did I mention a SINGING Daniel Day-Lewis?
  20. A non-moustachioed DDL.

I’m actually more conflicted about the last one. In my tender years, I hardly know how to love Daniel Day Lewis without a fine moustache. Either way, I am expecting something brilliant.

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One thought on “In the A-mazing Department:

  1. Zrose25 says:

    I’ll miss the moustache… Its like seeing Tom Sellek sans stache… Just wrong.

    Is he at least going to drink my milkshake? 😀

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