Kicking Off a Week of Twilight


When it comes to insane fans you can’t get more ravenous thana Twihard. Nuff said. Honestly, it’s about time I let my freak flag fly on littlejunkies. Team Edward all the way, baby! While eternity has seemed to pass between the release of the film and the release of the dee-ver-dee, it is finally coming to stores near you this Caturday.

2 disc DVD Special features include:

  • Extended scenes
  • Audio Commentary with Hardwicke, Stewart, and Pattinson
  • Music Videos from Paramore, Linkin Park, and Muse
  • Seven-part documentary
  • Deleted scenes
  • Comic-con footage

I shall be sending my minions to la petite Targèt boutique to acquire me their exclusive and delightfully ridiculous three disc special edition. However: the Target edition sounds pretty sweet, but this means I have to fight off hardcore soccer moms/spawn in the morn, as opposed to the tired soccer moms/spawn at the Borders midnight release party. Now entering Conundrumville.

For now, I think all fans should head to the official dvd site to get some of the goodies (thanks for feeding my addiction!)

  1. DVD Party Checklist.
  2. Custom e-vite sponsored by the site to bring more peeps into your coven–I mean party.
  3. Links to find the midnight release party at a Borders near you!

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “Kicking Off a Week of Twilight

  1. Rosie says:

    Caturday? I think I must Meow at that. 😀

  2. Rosie says:

    Also… WTF is up with the Saturday release? Why cant it come out on Tuesday like every other movie? I do so enjoy Tuesday movie release day.

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