That Sucks: Does Anyone Know Miss USA’s Name?

There she is, Miss Amer...oh wait.  Here's your Miss USA everyone!

There she is, Miss Amer...oh wait. Here's your Miss USA everyone!

As a result of Miss What’s Her State’s honest, yet incredibly undiplomatic and unMiss USA like, answer to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton’s question at the Miss USA pageant this past Sunday the winner, Miss North Carolina, has gotten the shaft! While shewhomustnotbenamed’s answer was aimed against a particular group of people it wasn’t the content of her message that cost her the crown, it was her inability to articulate an appropriate “Miss USA” response. Unfortunately the content of her message is keeping her in the spotlight when she should’ve only been mentioned 10 years from now for a sex scandal or for dating Mr. Smoke It Up Golden Boy. And that, ladies and gentlemen, SUCKS.

So to help chip away at Miss I Refuse to Back Track Only Because It Gets Me Television Interviews 15 minutes of fame, I’m going to pimp out someone who probably would have been forgotten just as quickly, although with a little less bad press.

The winner, Kristen Jeannine Dalton, was able to be articulate, poised, graceful and all that a Miss USA should be throughout the entire broadcast. She is only the second woman ever representing North Carolina to win the crown. For all you haters that feel that Perez is the reason Miss I Don’t Deserve To Be Famous didn’t win, I’d like to remind you that Miss Dalton won both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions, while Miss I Didn’t Win Anything, well you get the point. Our new Miss USA is currently studying Psychology and Spanish at East Carolina University and will go on to represent our country in the Miss Universe Pageant later this year.

Congratulations Kristen, our one and only Miss USA!

Post Script:  A Junkie2 Rant

In researching material for this post I was put in the position to watch the infamous clip for a second time and I have to say saying “no offense” prior to saying something possibly offensive does not in fact void out any offensive material, nor does it void you of accountability. “No offense” merely shows that you know you are about to say something offensive and want to get away with it. Own up to your opinion people! Regardless of the topic, either avoid it or defend it! I personally prefer to predicate nearly everything I say with “offense intended”.

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2 thoughts on “That Sucks: Does Anyone Know Miss USA’s Name?

  1. Junkie1 says:

    Still, would you really rather have another talking head? …what am I saying? Do we really need to care about what spills out of the animatronic mouths of either Miss USA or Miss America?

    This is what I expect from those people:

    …No offense.

  2. Junkie2 says:

    I’m more upset at the media for giving her more time and fame than she or any Miss USA contestant rightfully deserves for doing no more than sharing her opinion!

    It’s like the octomom, just go away already!

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