¡Hugh Jackman Week!

Friends of the interwebs, I am very excited to announce the special theme-o-this-week: Hugh Jackman! Many promising posts to come, so stay tuned! As a little kick off, here are the top five reasons why we are total Jackfans! Note: I’ll be saving the “hotness” report for tomorrow…

Quadruple Threat
Sings…Dances… Acts…and he’s funny!

He doesn’t ever bite the hand that feeds him
Be it a suprise visit at last year’s Comic-Con, or signing a certain Junkie’s playbill after a performance of The Boy From Oz, or simply keeping our favorite X man from falling to the wayside (Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner be damned)! Plus, he’s returning to Broadway!

He can bounce back from anything
Viva Laughlin…that Beyonc-ified musical number at the Oscars…Van Helsing hair (and entire movie)…gay rumors…Deception…illegal internet downloads! He’s rubber and everyone else is glue.

He’s the only man since Tom Hanks to make Meg Ryan palatable
…and he was the last one, too.

He keeps em coming…
You never have to go more than a year or two without getting a fix, and he usually releases several projects in the same year.

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One thought on “¡Hugh Jackman Week!

  1. Zrose25 says:

    The best themed week EVER! 😀

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