Humpday Spocku: Star Trek

Inky goodness!

Little Junkies proudly presents our first groupku.
Creds go in order of stanza: Junkie1, Carlos, Junkie2, Spitfire, Junkie1

Star Trek on Thusday!
I’m about to boldy go
Me, a dork? Fo shiz.

Enterprise bulks up
Large nacelles, warp Viagra
Speeds to warp seven

Great Casting, JJ
Sexy New Generation
Hottie Filled Cast Now

Make it so, Quinto
You can engage my warp drive
Beam me up, Scotty

Live long and prosper
Listen up, I’ve got two words:
Roddenberry, bitch!

In the Over My Head Department, submitted by Charlie the Brewer

Those fucking Archons
Always ask: Of the body?
Hit the gym, Landru.


More Humpday Haiku?
All you have to do is click
Octopus delight!

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11 thoughts on “Humpday Spocku: Star Trek

  1. Junkie2 says:

    Pointy Eared Sylar
    I Don’t Know Chris Pine Either
    John Cho, Not Harold

  2. Tracy says:

    Shatner will be missed
    Price line Negotiator
    Doubt he was busy

  3. With the news of Zach Quinto’s possible departure from the shark-jumping Heroes:

    Quinto-Sylar: Hawt
    Quinto-Spock is teh Kewlest
    One leaves, one comes: My joy

  4. So do I call it the Hump Day Haiku logo a Spock-topus?

    p.s. Phaser beam is a nice touch!

  5. Junkie2 says:

    I’m excited for the week after next…!

  6. […] the tired Princess Peach shenanigans (talk about a plot in need of a reboot) & Star Trek dvd (FLASHBACK)! Which brings me to this new feature on Little Junkies: Pop Couture. I like to think of it as a […]

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