Monday Musings: May 11, 2009

Michael Bolton, Still More Relevant Than Eminem

Michael Bolton, Still More Relevant Than Eminem

Mondays, a case of
I’m terribly afflicted
Need Michael Bolton

It’s Monday, and I’m damn near apoplectic at the thought of it, so I’m going to relive the weekend with you:

During the squee fest that was Star Trek this weekend I couldn’t get over how much I’d like to see “Star Trek:  The College Years”.  How Spock and Uhura met, the crazy antics of Bones and Kirk, that chick from Wicked getting more screen time…You know, a Star Trek Origins: Origins story. Since the trend in Hollywood lately is to start in the middle of a story and work back I think JJ Abrams should get right on that.  You’re welcome.

Speaking of origins, Van Wilder is getting his own X-men spinoff.  Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as Wade Wilson/Deadpool in his own origins story. *Spoiler Alert* You could just read about it in the series if you don’t feel like waiting…Junkie2 premptively calls DIBS.  I’m crossing my fingers he’s serious about turning it into a musical, Hugh would be so jealous.

Speaking of Star Trek…FRINGE SEMI-SPOILER ALERT…Be aware if JJ Abrams scratches your back you scratch his (I’m personally hoping his back is itchy).  Leondard Nimoy will be appearing during the Fringe Season finale tomorrow.  I’m thinking we’ll see him next year since he’s playing a pretty big character.  Now if only Greg Grunberg could appear and officially christen the show, NBC execs that’s your cue to pull the sticks out of you know where.

Speaking of execs, Fox, why the hell are you premiering just the pilot of Glee this week?  Good dealers don’t give junkies a taste of [media] crack in May and then wait until September to see if they want anymore.  Chances are we’ll have gotten clean by then.  The show looks amazing, if you can it based on this week’s numbers alone I may have to boycot you.  Call it a “special preview” all you want, I know that’s network code for “retooling may be necessary”.

Speaking of Fall…Finale week has officially commenced.  While Heroes jumped ship last week the majority of shows will be airing their final ep’s of the season this week.  My productivity is going to go through the roof until summer season starts.  If you start to feel lonely this summer be sure to check out our retro reviews on Saturdays, we’ll tell you all about the shows you should be watching.

Littlejunkies Out
Come back for another fix
Hotties & More Tues.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: May 11, 2009

  1. Zrose25 says:

    I Love the summer season
    I do a lil’ happy dance
    On Fridays for Psych

  2. Junkie2 says:

    Your future I see
    A Great Psych Retro Review
    Before it returns

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