The Love Connection: Oh, Canada!

Canada: Selling the world tickets to the "Gun Show" since 1867

Canada: Selling the world tickets to the "Gun Show" since 1867

Oh, Canadia
Land of hot, apparently
Chief export: sexy

Good people of the internet, I give you my carefully constructed list ‘o Canadian hotties:

Some fools may refer to him as Joshua Jackson, but his boyishly handsome ways have been tempting me since Dawson’s Creek. More Junkie1 love for Pacey can be found here.

Nathan Fillion
This Joss Whedon darling can swagger like there’s no tomorrow. Plus, he’s Captain Hammer, and those in “the know” know exactly what the hammer is…

Seth Rogen
Lovable poufy ‘fro. Infectious stoner laugh. Impeccable wit. Freaks and Geeks. ‘Nuff said.

Will Arnett
Oh, yeah. Like I’d write a hot Canadians list without GOB Bluth. Come on!

Ryan Reynolds
He’s goofy and adorable. Plus, he has been ratcheting up his hotness on screen (Hello Wolverine?), and this little junkie is taking note!

Ryan Gosling
Moody little indie magic-maker. Hot!

Kevin Zegers
Kevs gets on the list due to the smoldering ways of his character in the Jane Austen Book Club. Plus, he’s slated to play Clyde Barrow in the new Bonnie and Clyde movie. ::swoon::

Hayden Christensen
Frickn’ Papa Skywalker?! Yes!

Scott Speedman
Micheal Corvin–the world’s first Vampcan or Lycpire–definitely gets to be on the list.

Michael Cera
He’s like the sweet, funny, shy, stammering boy I would have been all over in High School.

All of them. Hot!

The Captains: Christopher Plummer & William Shatner
I would be seriously remiss if I left off Captains von Trapp and Kirk.

Sure he’s fictional, but when has that ever deterred me? I still call Joshua Jackson “Pacey” for Peter-on-Fringe’s sake! Hottest Canadian character…ever. More Junkie love for Wolverine can be found here.

Hot Canada Pt. II: What if I was creating this list in the 90s after the jump…

Hot Canada Pt. II

What if I was creating this list in the 90s

Jason I want to be James Dean Priestly

Brendan I can grow ridiculous long rocker hair at will Fraser

Michael I survived Teen Wolf J. Fox

Kiefer I’m a freaky awesome vampire Sutherland

Corey I became kind of a monster Haim

Phil I’m freaking Troy McClure Hartman

Matthew Could I be more typecast? Perry

Keanu Yeah I’m surprised people go see my movies, too Reeves

Scott Remember when I was relevant Bairstow

Roy Remember La Femme Nikita? Dupuis

Wolv Yeah I was always hot erine

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13 thoughts on “The Love Connection: Oh, Canada!

  1. Junkie2 says:

    Ah, the gun show…If that wasn’t reason enough to love Canada it’s exports sure are!

  2. Zrose25 says:

    One word for you…. DIBS

  3. Zrose25 says:

    Vampkin!!! Its going to catch on! 😀

  4. Junkie1 says:

    I must say, I was pretty pleased with myself for the “Gun show” remark. Saying Canada looks like a flexed bicep is way better than saying Italy looks like a boot (but only half as fun as saying Florida looks like…bits).

  5. Junkie2 says:

    I was equally as pleased with myself for being able to knock eminem in a post that had nothing to do with him. I could caption pictures all day long!

  6. Keanu Reeves is a Fake Canadian™! Yes, he retains Canadian passport and citizenship but he was born in Lebanon. He only grew up in Toronto. Feh! Ptui!

  7. Mme Piggy says:

    Where are all the hot Canadian chicks?

  8. Strawberry Slender says:

    Little Junkies, sweet?
    Their lust for men, it’s obscene!
    NC 17.

  9. mary says:

    The image of matthew perry on this page is incredibly sexy, this is the cutest actor I’ve ever known, her angelic face is haunting, it’s good for my eyes to see that image!

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