Bones Finale Haiku

Bones Team Being Inappropriate in The Lab...What's New?

In celebration of Haiku!Week¡ We’ve decided to review the much hyped Bones finale, as we watch it, in Haiku format:


Bones and Booth are Love
Just give the fans what they want
Kissing and cuddling

Booth and Bones do it…
…the horizontal mambo
Consider me piqued!


Bones, I Feel So Gypped…
Alternate Realities?
Way Too Popular!

A Tower of Wings?
Yes, Put On My Tombstone Please.
What a distinction!¡!

Oh, young Doctor Sweets…
Am I In Wrong School?

Bouncer! Hostesses!
All the lab rats together?
Thoroughly Enjoyed!

Zach You Have Been Missed
Yelped?  Screamed?  Still Cute to Me.
Please don’t leave again…

So…Alternate World,
Equals stupid characters?
Shame, Shame, Shame On You!

Gormagon Returns…
Just Like Pink Floyd, But Sweeter
Way to poke fun Bones!

Really?  Motley Crue?!
Scratching my head , and yet
Head Banging, Dr.Feelgood


I saw it coming,
Just like a bad soap opera.
Worse ending than Zach’s?

Let us know what you thought of the Bones season Finale!

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3 thoughts on “Bones Finale Haiku

  1. Junkie1 says:

    I’m so sad! What a rip off! This show shall be dubbed ‘Boo’nes!

    Sweets. Not Freak. Not Geek.
    Sing, sing. I like Lance a lot…
    Get it? Lancelot?!

  2. Junkie2 says:

    This is the first season I’ve watched as it aired. Last summer I caught up on what I could through Hulu and Netflixed the rest. I have to say they are notorious for trying to do the cliff hanger ending and then failing miserably. I want my hour back :(.

  3. […] (Fox):  Just like last season’s finale, I’m torn.  I love the characters and how they interact with each other, and the science […]

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