LOST, I can’t live if livin’ is without you…

Best show ever.

LOST: What I am now
Speculations: All I’ve got
Don’t leave me this way!

Another season of LOST ends with my brain in mushy shambles, and ABC wants me to wait a year for more!! ::shakes fists::

Perhaps the only thing that will get me through this is force-fitting happenings from the show into existing lore. At present, I am fervently researching Greek mythology and–in a highly caffeinated state–have complied a juicy little (aka immense and multi-faceted) theory. It rules…so far. Here is a tid bit for you to gnaw upon:

In the season five finale, the sneaky Apollo candy bar makes another appearance–Jacob give an Apollo candy bar to Jack. So, let’s tackle the meaning of Apollo:

1. He is the son of Zeus and Leto
2. His sister, Artemis, was born first
3. He was born on a floating island, surrounded by swans
4. He is associated, among other things, with medicine and healing
5. His sister is associated with, among other things, childbirth and fertility
6. He is the “ideal” beardless youth
7. He served a one year sentence as a shepherd for killing Cyclops

Now a LOST interpretation:

1-2. We have long known that Claire and Jack are half-siblings–sharing a father, Christian Shepard. All things island-related, Claire realized her destiny long before Jack, in season 4, and chose to stay on the island with her father. I’m calling that her “birth.” Jack is finally coming around.
3. A floating island! Swan tie in! That one explains itself.
4. Jack is a doctor.
5. Claire arrives on the island pregnant, and gives birth there. Also, it’s interesting that Sun and her previously infertile husband, Jin, were able to conceive a child after arriving on the island. Perhaps, the island awakens the “powers” of the inhabitants…like Claire.
6. Jack is a super crazy mess when he is bearded. Laugh if you will, this one is totally true. Beardless Jack is sharp.
7. Jack’s last name is Shephard, and he is constantly leading the “flock” of castaways.

Apollo and Artemis were believed to cement a new order…maybe season six will prove this to be true. ::dun-dun-duuuuuun::

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