Monday Musings: Entertainment Weekly

A wise Junkie fan enlightened me by revealing that Entertainment Weekly is the fount of all knowledge. A truer utterance has never been…uttered. My fave bits from this week’s issue:


The Terminator/Christian Bale cover story. The movie tid bits, the pics, the needless bring-uppery of the rant heard round the world.

Sidenote: That rant makes me love Bale more. I like his feisty ways. I like the reality (who thought actors were sane?), I like living vicariously through it (who hasn’t wanted to yell at a fool at work?), and I like his response (“…yes, I did it, no excuses.”).

Dolly Parton gets an honorary doctorate from the University of Tennesee, and shows up in pink sequins. Rock on wit yo bad self, Dolly.

Doc Jensen wraps up the LOST finale, and simultaneously refuels my crazy personal theory quest. Also this quote: “…we’re bracing for the likelihood that the answers may not live up to the outrageous theories that some internet weirdos have concoted. (Who are you people?)…” Hey, Doc! ::dopey waving:: I’m one of those weirdos, and this just in: so are you.

The ‘Fact vs. Fiction’ sidebar in the Angels & Demons review. EW, did papal peeps threaten you with some flogging? I think you should assume your readers are smarter than the average bear, and allow us to enjoy the magic of story telling without snuffing it out before we even make it to theaters. ::sassy mockery:: You mean fiction writer, Dan Brown was writing…fiction?!

Steve Zahn’s big, grinning mug is one of THE cutest things to come out of Minnesota…ever!

¡GLEE! especially the “But will you like ‘Glee’?” equation. Answer: Yes, I will. However, I will not like waiting until next fall for the rest of the season. Glee (and by Glee I mean FOX network fools), you’re new. I can barely wait one year for already proven compelling television powerhouse, LOST. What makes you think you can roll in that crowd?

As per usual, the Bullseye is “right on target” Lets collectively rip Jordin Sparks for the following lyrics: “Why does love always feel like a battlefield?” Maybe you should ask Pat Benatar, Theify McRipoffartist.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Entertainment Weekly

  1. Zrose25 says:

    I loved the Christian Bale Rant… Yeah it was a little harsh, but I’ll bet you that stage hand thinks twice before blundering around the set like a dummy. 🙂

  2. Junkie1 says:

    I like to think Angels & Demons would be better if it was called Angels vs Demons…

  3. Junkie2 says:

    You need to watch Supernatural then….

  4. Kyle says:

    Hi, you have a great site! Thanks!

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