The Love Connection: G’day Mates!

Bringing the Aussie smack down on Canada's guns, with just 5 guys.

Bringing the Aussie smack down on Canada's guns, with just 5 guys.

At little junkies, we want to set you up with the best of the best so you’ll never be lonely.   So, stop (!) in the name of love, and check out five reasons why I’ll be moving to Australia to find me a man:

Sam Worthington:  McG needed a man to go toe to toe with Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation and not back down (remember that rant?!) and he found that man in Australian “new comer” Sam Worthington.  In addition to co-staring in Terminator, in theaters now, we’ll get the opportunity to end our year right when James Cameron’s Avatar is released in December with Worthington as it’s star.

Sam Worthington

Eric BanaThe Hulk wasn’t his fault, please don’t blame him. This man can do it all from a Greek warrior in Troy to a Disney shark in Finding Nemo and everything in between. As an added bonus, the man is funny.  Bana got his start doing stand up in the Australian sketch comedy Full Frontal.  You can catch him in theaters now as Nero in Star Trek.

Eric Bana

Guy Pearce:  Amateur body builder, actor, musician?  Junkie2 Dibs!  If you’re saying “Guy who?” then you need to cast your peepers on his IMDB page.  We’re aware he emmegrated to Australia when he was 3, but we’re still going to let them claim him as one of their own.  If you star in Neighbours you’re automatically Australian.

Guy Pearce

Adam Garcia: Collective sigh from all the ladies that spent the year 2000 drooling over this Coyote Ugly hottie.  He may be of Columbian decent, but that accent is 100% Australian and completely swoon worthy.  His filmography may be shorter than some of the other men on here, but that’s only becaues he’s spent a good part of his time on stage, most notably creating the role of Fiyero from Wicked.

Adam Garcia

Hugh Jackman:  If you were looking for a descriptive paragraph here this must be your first time at our blog.  Hi!  Thanks for coming.  I hope you’re enjoying yourself.  Click here and here.

Hugh Jackman

And, just because I can, happy faux Tuesday everyone:

J2 Dibs!


Adam Garcia

Eric Bana In Troy

Guy Pearce Brooding

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9 thoughts on “The Love Connection: G’day Mates!

  1. Junkie1 says:

    Ah yes! Dibs! But where for art thou, David Wenham, Simon Baker, and Heath Ledger?!

  2. Junkie2 says:

    Oh Simon Baker! Guess we’ll have to do round 2 of the lads from down under!

  3. zrose25 says:

    Then we can perhaps venture to the hotties from New Zealand 🙂

  4. Junkie2 says:

    You need to get on that! I don’t know if Andria told you but in 2011 we’re traveling to Australia to find me a man and then heading to New Zealand to find you two a couple of sex-z new zealanders.

  5. Heiner says:

    Sip! que buen gusto! sobre todo el primero de la lista!

  6. […] Marcus Wright (Terminator Salvation):  Who knew a robot could have such depth?  And who would’ve thought that Christian Bale, who was brought on so people would see T4, would be overshadowed by the Aussie new comer Sam Worthington? […]

  7. […] Gerard Butler:  Why oh why do they not let this man use his accent in more movies?  Sure his tough guy, scruffy, generalized “American” accent is hot, but his Scottish accent is so much hotter.  Oh and did I mention he used to be  a lawyer?  Sexy, smart and talented – are all the men in Scotland this good?  I’m thinking the flight to Scotland from Minnesota may be just a tad shorter than the flight to Australia I was planning… […]

  8. Glory says:

    If the world would be full of Gerald Butlers, Hugh Jackmans, Johnny Depps, Sam Worthingtons, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsons and so on and so forth… The world would be a happier place for me, haha…. no, no, but yes for all women alike. DEFINITELY!!!

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