That Sucks [for them] Thursday or Why I love Wipeout.

My chiro would not approve!

Praise the return of summer reality television! ABC’s, Wipeout is back on the air!

This can only mean that Junkie1 gets to cackle like a demented schoolgirl as ditzes and d-bags slip, trip, flip, quip, and take a dip all over the ridiculous obstacle course. I get sick joy out of seeing some fool do a little trash-talking mere seconds before taking a header into a giant rubber ball. The oddity is amplified by the wicked commentary of John Henson (E! Entertainment’s Talk Soup) and John Anderson (ESPN’s SportsCenter). It’s cringe-worthy fun for me, but totally sucks for them.

Classic from Season 1:

Note: The original genius can be found on the English-dubbed, Japanese gameshow MXC (below).

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