WTF: ¡¿Lego Rock Band!?

Let the drummer kick

I don’t think it is possible for me to be more geeked out! LEGO Rock Band is coming this winter on the Wii and those other boy machines (PS3 & 360). Oh how I love a game that makes me feel like I can do actual cool things.

You don’t have to buy any new components if you already have Rockband or Guitar Hero (although I am dreaming of a LEGO-style guitar for me to buy). I’ll be real with you, this is the ultimate marketing scam. From what I’ve read, the only difference between this version and the others is LEGO avatars…And this little junkie could care less. LEGOs! Wee! In other poo-your-pants worthy news, here is a sample set list:

Blur: “Song 2”
Carl Douglas: “Kung Fu Fighting”
Europe: “The Final Countdown”
Good Charlotte: “Boys and Girls”
Pink: “So What”

EFFING “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN?” Are you serious?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

To understand that meltdown, please watch all three seasons of Arrested Development and/or the the video below. I can’t. wait! Oh, yeah…and there’s another new game coming out in September: The Beatles Rockband! Somebody call Dr. Feelgood, I think I’m going die of excitement!

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One thought on “WTF: ¡¿Lego Rock Band!?

  1. zrose25 says:

    Lol! Now I have the final countdown stuck in my head!! Darn you. 😛

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