Partly Cloudy with A Chance of Falling in Love

Pixar, I <3 you.

Pixar, I ❤ you.

After 22 Academy Awards, 4 Golden Globes, and 3 Grammy’s (and many many other awards) it may not matter, but Pixar you have won my love.  This weekend  Pixar continues with tradition and releases yet another digital short master piece with their tenth wide release feature film “Up”.

The short, “Partly Cloudy”, directed by Peter Sohn,  tells the tale of how storks get the little bundles of joy they bring to our door steps.  Creepy factor aside, the short is funny, touching, intelligent and teaches the kiddies a lesson in friendship in under 6 minutes, with no dialogue.

Aside from being impressed at Pixar’s ability to make stone cry (aka: me), I appreciate and applaud them for treating kids intelligently and not dumbing down concepts or ideas.  Partly Cloudy is a short both parents and children will enjoy.

So even if you don’t have kiddies, kiddies, this little junkie highly recommends you head to your local cineplex and check out “Up” (in 3-D if you can!) and enjoy 2 Pixar masterpieces.

Update:  There is now a 30 second clip on Youtube, if you like what you see you can now download the entire short on iTunes for $1.99.

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8 thoughts on “Partly Cloudy with A Chance of Falling in Love

  1. Jes says:

    Yeay Pixar! ❤

  2. Angela says:

    Such a good movie! My boyfriend is still insiting on quoting it at every opportunity and I cried, but only like 8 times

  3. Eralc Alegna says:

    “Squirrel!?” and “Point!” have been the favorites so far. He picks up the cat’s paws and forces them into the correct posture even. Never mind that they’re cats…. “I just met you and I love you!” is also in the rotation. For that he holds them up into a standing position and bounces them around. Ya know, cause that’s what you do when you talk

    • Junkie1 says:

      My all-time fave might have to be “I like you temporarily.”

      • Junkie2 says:

        “I like you temporarily” and “There are skittles in there!” are my two favorite movie quotes this year. I’m amused at how different the movies are that they came from. We’re going to have to do a post on quotes because I just thought up like 5 more from movies this year!

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