Sunday Sundries: The Guild

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I think it is a pretty good thing to wrap up Ladies Week with a plug for one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time: The Guild. The show is an independent web series about the quirkiest group of online gamers you may ever meet, and what happens when their worlds collide (online and off). Plus, each episode is only about three to six minutes long! Interesting tid bits about the show: fans supported the entire first season via PayPal donations, and their YouTube channel has nearly 60,000 subscribers.

Why is this show a perfect fit for ladies week? On the fictional side, three of the six main characters are women–that’s an interesting thing to see when you enter the male realm of gaming; and no, they’re not hyper-sexual Angelina Jolie in Hackers style women either. Also, the main character, Codex, is played by Joss Whedon darling, Felicia Day…who also happens to be the creator, writer and producer of the series (props!). Interesting tid bits about Felicia: her first acting job was the role of Scout in a theatatrical production of To Kill a Mocking Bird & she started college at 16, majoring in violin performance and mathematics (holla!).

I’m keeping this short, because you should just leave here and watch every webisode, laugh, and thank me later. They have two seasons down and ready for your viewing pleasure, and the third is set to be released this August! So catch up!

Well…I’ll give you Season 1, Episode 1 to entice you:

Watch The Guild on:

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sundries: The Guild

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