Sunday Sundries: The Power of Bullock Compels You

I've got him in my Jedi mind trap

Since we did a little sundry action on Friday, I thought we should do a true “wtf” today. Last night, your little junkies caught up with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal. The Proposal is basically a shuffling of Bullock’s While You Were Sleeping and Two Weeks Notice. Was it formulaic, of course! Does that mean I didn’t adore it? No! Bullock played the “forty and fabulous” card quite well as uptight, softie-come-lately publishing executive, Margaret Tate (plus, the woman can work a pencil skirt). Her impeccable comedic timing is impossible not to love, and Ryan Reynolds’ razor-sharp delivery wasn’t bad either (mini-swoon).

It’s weird. I saw My Life in Ruins earlier this week, and didn’t like it at all. It too was formulaic, and had Vardalos in a role I’d seen her attack before. Hmm. Even “America’s sweetheart,” Julia Roberts–who interestingly enough stopped being America’s sweetheart after starring in America’s Sweethearts–now comes off as stale in comedic performances. A force fit, of sorts–like a desperate mid-life crisis-er trying to squeeze back into their high school jeans. Meanwhile, Bullock maintains a rubber quality in an otherwise sticky industry similar to Hugh Jackman–their stinkers just fade away.

Wtf, people? Does Sandra Bullock have mystical powers? Poring through her IMDB page, I literally can’t find anything I’ve seen that I didn’t like her in (note: the exception being “that I’ve seen.” Premonition, I hear = boo). Even Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous and The Lake House. Here are some of my fave iterations of “The Bullock”:

  • Demolition Man: Of all the action films she’s been in, I can’t get enough of this Sly Stallone crashterpiece. And if you give me shit for loving Lt. Huxley, I’ll have to Murder-Death-Kill you.
  • Two Weeks Notice: Sandra + one of my fave rom-commoners, Hugh Grant?! Quitting your job has never been more fun.
  • Love Potion No.9: Jolly good 90s fare. Also, I like to refer to my car as my own personal Alta Pazzoli.
  • Crash: As far as Serious Sandra goes, this attention-starved, emotionally-vacant bigot is tops in my book.
  • The Vanishing: She might not technically be in the movie very long, but this is one of my fave oldie thrillers. Jeff Bridges gives me the heebie jeebies–or what the Brits delightfully refer to as the “screaming habdabs.”

We may never know how she manages to bounce back so easily (and quickly), but I will continue laughing at/with her in my girlish guilty pleasure kind of way…maybe she practices a little Practical Magic? I expect to be slapped for that at some point, but I don’t care.

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Sundries: The Power of Bullock Compels You

  1. movielver says:

    i’m still excited to see the proposal. Sandra is wearing a cute dress by the way!

  2. Bowler says:

    every time Bullock and Reynolds were close to each other in the Proposal i got the feeling that she looks/acts too old to be his fiance/girlfriend

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