Monday Musing: Oops, Did We Forget To Mention the Vacay?

Happy 6th of July?

After taking a wee bit of a vacation we’re back!  Our time was spent well catching up on box sets of Dexter and Buffy (J1 is now hooked on the latter, cause J2 is a Buffy pusher), swooning over Johnny Deep/Christian Bale and J1 spent part of her time with Zrose25 as just a girl – at a No Doubt concert!  Aside from being green with envy I’m looking forward to some sort of review (hint hint)!

Here’s a recap of last week’s highlights:

Michael Bay really sticks it to Megan Fox, just not the way your dirty mind is thinking of.  I’m sure she’ll retort with “I’m just a sarcastic person”.  I really hope whatever reporter happens to be there at the time puts their smart phone to good use and researches the definition of sarcasm for her.

Public Enemies has so many big/familiar names in small roles (and big roles) you’ll find yourself going “wait, was that ___?” and then running home to IMDB the cast because the credits are almost as long as the movie.  Thankfully none of the supporting roles feel like stunt casting and for once Pretty Boy Floyd was really really pretty!  All in all it was a decent flick and would warrant a trip to the theater on a cloudy day.

Michael Jackson’s memorial will be tomorrow in the Staples Center in L.A.  Perez Hilton has gathered some of the more absurd stories about his life and death here.  Hopefully after the memorial the insane amount of media coverage will die down a bit.

Not enough people read my review of Transformers (I kid I kid) or listened to me complain about the premise of Ice Age (and how every single movie had a preview for it).  Oh well, at least the economy is doing well – right?  Although Revenge of the Fallen ticket sales were strong, the fourth of July family traffic for Ice Age may have beaten it out for the top spot of the weekend.

Be sure to check back this week as we get back into the groove of things, gear up for Harry Potter and squee over our up coming trip to Comic-Con!

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