Love Connection: No Doubt

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Name: No Doubt
Occupation: Ska/Reggae/Rock/Punk/Pop/Electro band of merry men and girl
Residence: Presently touring, so…everywhere

Likes: Bob Marley, horn sections, wacky dancing, wackier fashion, and taking a break from each other.
Dislikes: Taking a break from each other, lack of hair bleach, and being pigeon-holed in a particular genre.

Junkies, it’s been a looooong five years since No Doubt shut it down, and Gwen went off to disco-pop to the sound of her own drummer. But fret no more, because the band is together again, on tour over the summer with plans to jam and gather inspiration for a new album!! I was at the July 5th show in St. Paul, MN and it was a-maze-ing!  Bedouin Soundclash was the first opening act. Who, you may have asked? Well they’re the awesome and oh-so muffiny Reggae, Rock, Punk and Soul fusion band from Canada that has stolen my rasta-come-lately heart twice now. (Yeah, I said Canada, Reggae, and awesome in the same sentence). They were perfect compliment for No Doubts’ Rock Steady phase with a pinch of Tragic Kingdom.

Next on the bill? Paramore. For what better lead up to the monstrously iconic female powerhouse, Gwen Stefani, than Tennessee’s own spunky vocalist Haley Williams? Any good Twilight fan would have gushed over Paramore’s Decode finale, and I was glad to see two strong female artists dominate an energy packed show. Oh and guitarist, Josh Farro’s on stage gymnastics (with instrument in hand, btw) were pretty sweet, too.

On to the main event. Bios might say the gang is approaching (or at) 40’s door, but that can’t be true! They’re still in their early twenties, and I am still a pre-tween with a way too kick ass taste in music than most of my comrades were allowed. Gwen, Tony, Tom, and Adrian bounced off of the walls with the energy of a pack of six year olds on Pixie Sticks. I felt like I was listening to the Tragic Kingdom album for the first time all over again, danced it up, jumped about, and ate up every joy-filled second of the set list which included Gwen doing a dozen push-ups before tearing up Just a Girl, and a Paramore/Bedouin Soundclash assist on a cover of Adam and the Ants’ Stand & Deliver.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the studio post-tour. Consider my love for No Doubt renewed (as if it ever dwindled). Here’s some video from the St. Paul show for a little taste of the awesome: clickety-click and some more pics from St. Paul:

Wee!Mini-Gwen in redYour just a girl? Me, too!

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3 thoughts on “Love Connection: No Doubt

  1. zrose25 says:

    Twas a great concert… much fun was had by me 🙂

  2. Junkie2 says:

    The video is really a sexy strip tease by band. With each song someone lost a piece of clothing!!

  3. aliyah says:

    hohoho, Gwen’s abs looks amazing! Can’t believe she has two kids!

    And those low-rising pants… I wonder if she went commando that night, hehehe

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