Humpday Haiku: Michael Jackson Tribute

Inky Sadness

One of five, moonwalk
The way you make-a me feel
Knock me off my feet

Lessons from the King
Don’t stop til you get enough
Talk is cheap, Walk on

Thriller, gone too soon
I just can’t stop loving you
Makes me want to scream

Remember the time
Forever bad, you know it
Rhinestones. Dance. Hee-Hee.


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5 thoughts on “Humpday Haiku: Michael Jackson Tribute

  1. Strawberry Slender says:

    Off The Wall:
    He’s out of my Life
    Don’t know whether to Live, Die
    It Cuts Like a Knife

  2. Super Mon says:

    Michael Jackson dies
    we are left singing his songs
    you are not alone

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  4. The Law says:

    YES!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

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