Monday Musing: Who’s in for a timeshare in Wonderland?


There is one thing this little junkie can’t get enough of, and that’s whimsy! I am sure that it will not be too big of a surprise for you to learn about how ridiculously excited I am for visionary Tim Burton’s 2010 release of Alice in Wonderland 3D (see photos above, and try not to have a glee-related heart attack). Click here and here to see some awesome (and official) Burton concept art for the film and photos. I will hopefully get to see some new bits about this sure to be exhilarating film at the 2009 Comic-Con in San Diego in a few days (Burton will be at “the Con” for Alice and 9).

This got me thinking about how whimsical Burton is, and how much I loooove the Alice in Wonderland story. I thought I’d give up my favorite things Wonderland for you to check out to get you equally pumped for Burton’s new masterpiece:

1. Lewis Carrol’s books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There

Strange. Often unpredictable. Seriously awesome. I like Through the Looking Glass a bit more than it’s predecessor, only because you get to meet the Jabberwock, Red Queen, and some serious chess-themed goodness. Plus, the whimsy-ridden illustrations by Sir John Tenniel? Yes, please!

2. Alice in Wonderland (1985)

Singing! Dancing! Cameos galore! You may go for the Disney classic animated version, but if that’s true you certainly have never seen this live action dream come true. It’s about three hours long and combines the story lines from Carroll’s books. Plus check out some of the cast: Scott Baio, Roddy MacDowell, Telly Savalas, Ringo Starr, Shelley Winters, Ernest Borgnine, Beau & Lloyd Bridges, Carol freaking Channing, Sammy Davis Jr., Sally Struthers, Pat Morita, and John Stamos!!! An 80s child’s dream come true. Sample time!:

3. Frank Beddor’s novels: The Looking Glass Wars

In the Wicked tradition of re-visioning classics, Beddor’s story maintains that Alyss was a princess that was transplanted in our universe to escape the war-torn Wonderland. She confides in a young Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carrol), who turns her harrowing tale into an impish, children’s fairytale. How and When will Alys get back to Wonderland to save her people from Red? The long-awaited addition to the series (which also spawned comic series, Hatter M) is due out in August. So catch up on the first two novels if your interest be piqued! (Oh and did I mention the author was the producer of There’s Something About Mary and was a stunt man for 80s-Cusack classic Better Off Dead?!)

4. Um, the Tim Burton inspiration!

See my mini-squee above, and just know that my little junkie bottom will be firmly planted in a seat of the nearest IMAX theater to see Alice in Wonderland 3D. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter made magic in Sweeney Todd, and I have some caterpillar-high hopes for this trippy turn as well. Plus Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee, and Crispin Glover?! Woot!

Well, I guess I’m off to daydream of giant mushrooms, sneaky treats, and mad tea parties. Just remember: if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you’re going to fall. Tell ’em a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call. (My #5 Alice thing, Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit)

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12 thoughts on “Monday Musing: Who’s in for a timeshare in Wonderland?

  1. Zrose25 says:

    I LOVE the 1985 Alice in Wonderland Movie… Did anyone else notice how much Alice from the movie looks like a young Renée O’Connor (Gabrielle from Xena Warrior Princess)? Despite what IMDB says I am pretty sure they are the same person. 🙂

    Also, every time I watch that movie I cant describe how much I want one of the little ‘eat me’ cakes! They look so delicious! 🙂

  2. Tuula says:

    I so agree with you guys. I’m waiting for this new Tim Burton’s Alice movie like a hungry fish for a worm. It’s going to be super and seeing it in 3D will be so curious. I’d like to eat those cakes as well…
    I wonder when we are going to see the trailer of the film!

  3. spitfire says:

    in my mugatu voice: “‘alice in wonderland’– so hot right now…”

    • Junkie1 says:

      Yesssssss (to your link)! Annie Leibovitz rocks my socks! Also Karl Lagerfeld is exactly how I like to envision my alter ego, Chester Abernathy.

  4. Jes says:

    I am adding all of those books to my summer reading list 🙂 I can’t wait for the movie!! 😀

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  6. Dan Palmer says:

    I think a timeshare in wonderland would be really cool. If you haven’t checked lately, there are lots of timeshares with “themes”

  7. Junkie1 says:

    ¡I can’t believe I forgot to mention Pan’s Labyrinth! all of the Alice-y goodness with the brilliance of Guillermo Del Toro?! Um yes, please!

  8. […] here for more humpday haiku & here for more on Burton’s Alice in […]

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