That Sucks? The 2009 Emmy Nominations

Regina George is going to kick Beth Cooper's Ass

Regina George is going to kick Beth Cooper's Ass

Originally I was going to write this post about how I Love You Beth Cooper sucks, but I think I wrapped it up pretty good right there. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the hijinks in Larry Doyle’s hilarious and sweet novel rather than the big screen rip off festival. Hayden sucked and mailed-in her performance care of Mean Girls and Pouting. There is a reason everyone on Heroes wants to kill the cheerleader. ‘Nuff said.

On to my new inspiration: the 2009 Emmy Nominations. Overall I think they are pretty good. 30 Rock dominates–as it should–and Flight of the Conchords got 5 nominations! Junkie1 love is in the air. Unlike my feelings for the theatrical release I shall from this point on refer to as Beth Cooper-Scooper (get it? pooper scooper…anywho), I am a bit torn about the Emmy nods.

Here’s what is awesome:

Suck it, monkeys!

1. 30 Rock bulldozes the competition with 24 nominations!
Ratings schmatings. This show is fan-frickin’-tastic and deserves each and every single nomination. I’m lizzing just thinking about it. Sabor de Soledad!

2. Flight of the Conchords got 5 nominations including an Outstanding Lead Actor nod for Jemaine Clement!
I have been singing the praises of FOTC since day one, and I am stoked that they were nominated for so many awards–especially for one of my favorite episodes of the second season, Unnatural Love. That episode shed light on the age old conflict between Aussies and New Zealanders and explained the problem with having Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor. Would you care for a clip?

3. Dexter does it right with three big noms.
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama nod for Michael C. Hall as the title slicer, best guest role for Jimmy Smitts as the devilishly delirious D.A. Miguel Prado, and Outstanding Drama Series. Way to stick it to ’em, Dex! Check out the brilliant marketing for this show, too!

4. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog gets a nomination…oh, yeah and so does Neil Patrick Harris for How I Met your Mother!
Legen–wait for it–DARY and kudos to the Whedon clan, too! “Give my regards to St Peter… or whoever does his job… but in hell.” Classic. Watch it!

5. True Blood gets a nod for Outstanding Main Title Design.
True dat! Watch it here–it is freaky good (as is the music on that show, in general). I wanna do bad things, too!

Other things that rule: So You Think You Can Dance Nappy Tabs 4 of the 6 noms for Outstanding Choreography (check out my gush post about the show here), Family Guy‘s history-making nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series (outside of the animated category), and Alec Baldwin’s Hulu commercial gets nominated.

Here’s what sucks:

Don't hate [the rest of] us because we're beautiful.

1. Pushing Daisies gets dissed…sort of.
With the exception of the just nomination of Kristin Chenoweth for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, all of the PD nominations were for looks (art direction, hairstyling, make-up, costuming). Don’t get me wrong, that show was (was… ::weep::) gorgeous! But the entire cast and guest stars were brilliant. Boo for not giving props to the other actors on this gone-too-soon show! RIP, Piehole!

2. Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus) is the only actor nominated from LOST.
Come on. What about Yunjin Kim (Sun) or Josh Holloway (Sawyer)–they were so awesome this season! Grr. No offense, Ben–you don’t mind if I just call you Ben do you, Michael?–but this show is way too awesome for so little recognition. Okay so they did get nominated for best drama series, but only one writing nod and one acting? ::Pfft::

3. United States Of Tara only gets one nom for acting, too.
Toni Collette’s portrayal of Tara Gregson (and Buck, and Alice, and T, and especially Gimme) is very worthy of the nod, but nothing for her phenomenal co-stars Brie Larson and Keir Gilchrist that play Tara’s long-suffering children Kate and Marshall?! Travesty.

4. Dancing With The Stars gets nominated for best reality competition show.
I am sure you get that I am in love with So You Think You Can Dance by now so riddle me how one show dominates the choreography category, but loses out this category to the “B [at best] Star Showcase Showdown?!”

5. Family Guy gets an out of the box nod.
It’s definitely a funny show, but WTF about The Simpsons. Where is/was the love for a show that was pushing envelopes and out-funnying most live-action comedies before Family Guy was even a twinkle in Seth MacFarlane’s eye. ¡Ay carumba!

Other things that suck: Nada for Fringe, in fact nada for anything sci-fi. This puts a whole new meaning to Battlestar Galactica goes out with a bang (as in they cease to exist) This awesome little number was only nominated for technical awards. Despite my love for the True Blood nod above, wtf gives for the total lack of love for the acting?! Come on, Lafayette rules?! Also, the fact that Two and a Half Men continues to get nominated for anything (I’ll retroactively gripe about the same phenomena for Everybody Loves Raymond).

Entertainment Weekly readers picked their most loathed snubs, too. After reading which, I was reminded how pissed I should be that PSYCH was dissed again!! Damn it, Janet!

Just imagine what I’ll be like after we find out who won? Meow!

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7 thoughts on “That Sucks? The 2009 Emmy Nominations

  1. zrose25 says:

    After reading this I have an urge to watch everything on your list!

  2. Junkie1 says:

    Note: EVERYWHERE else you will see people gushing about 30 Rock‘s 22 nominations. I have poured through the Emmy’s complete listing of nominations four times, and this show got 24 noms. I may be a junkie, but at least I can still read. Boo-ya, information super highway.

    Outstanding Casting For A Comedy Series = 1
    Outstanding Cinematography For A Half-Hour Series = 1
    Outstanding Comedy Series = 1
    Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series = 3
    Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series = 3
    Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series = 2
    Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media – Fiction = 1
    Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series = 1
    Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series = 1
    Outstanding Picture Editing For A Comedy Series (Single Or Multi-Camera) = 1
    Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy/Drama (1/2 Hr) & Animation = 1
    Outstanding Special Class: Short-format Live-Action Entertainment = 1
    Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series = 2
    Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series = 1
    Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series = 4

    • Junkie1 says:

      Also, I am so torn about Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Barney Stinson or Kenneth Parcell?! Who to choose?

  3. Eralc Alegna says:

    So stoked about 30 Rock, but I have to ask – Whats up with Fey looking like a well made-up but severely cracked out Winona Ryder up there? Her spindley little arms are freaking me out… and I’m slightly disappointed that she did such a sexed-up shoot. I’m not against her being recognized as a sex symbol so much as I’m thinking this is another way to allow the “women aren’t funny” crowd to digest a successful, witty and ruthless comedianne

    And – Jimmy Smitts was in Dexter?!?! How did I possibly miss that?

    And and I finally started True Blood upon the urgings of the Boyfriend. My week is now shot.

    • Junkie1 says:

      I agree with your comment about Fey’s pic. It seems like every photographer feels like they need to shoot her in pin-up mode. At least she always does it in a classy way with humor. Not vampy, sex-kitten garbage ::cough Megan Fox cough:: I think it would be awesome with they outfitted her like the Madonna using a blue Snuggie and a Shamwow cloth.

      Oh yes, Jimmy Smitts was awesome last season on Dexter! He was Dexter’s first frenemy! And woo hoo to starting True Blood. That show is sooooooo good. ::mmmm, Vampire Bill::

      • Eralc Alegna says:

        Dangit, I didn’t realize season 3 of Dexter was done already! Got to get on that…

        That Shamwow/Snuggie idea is freaking brilliant!

  4. […] you can either get your derby on live at RollerCon 2009 or watch one of my favorite shows: Psych (snubbed by Emmy once again! >:/). Season 3 is out on DVD Tuesday, and you can find the delightful “Talk […]

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