Love Connection: Comic-Con 2009

I'm so geeked out to be going to one of these, I don't even care what my family is saying about me right now...

We kid, we kid. (Hey, we'll see you there Thursday!)

It’s Tuesday fools! (jab jab J1)  Which means it’s only 1 day until Little Junkies head down/over to San Diego and 2 days until the o’ so exciting standing in line for hours upon hours begins!  Yesterday J1 mused about all her and Zrose are geeked out to attend, today I’m going to swoon over my wish list of events in the hopes that putting it out into the universe, ala The Secret, will result in me not only snagging a spot in one of the many ballrooms – but hopefully a decent seat as well!  I’m really hoping that my first visit down to the Con will not result in an ever so bitchy post about how Hollywood’s attempt to use San Diego as a marketing machine has ruined the Con for true fans.  What is a true fan praytell?  A true fan is one that is not attending simply to gawk at Edwar::cough::Robert Pattinson in an ill fated attempt to get him to marry you.

With that said, here’s a list of events worthy of standing in line for:

Thursday, July 23

Time to start sending me some good Hall H juju!

Disney:  3D Panel
I’ll probably emit an audible groan when clips are shown from Disney’s A Christmas Carol (is there seriously a need for another one?  I think people know the story by now.)  As much as I love Jim Carey I’m perfectly happy watching A Muppet Christmas Carol whenever I need to brush up on my Charles Dickens.  This little junkie has caught the Tim Burton bug from her co-bloggers and is seriously geeking out at getting a sneak peak of Alice in Wonderland.  I’m slightly ashamed of saying I have no idea offhand what Tron is or who is involved in the project, but I’ll report back if I get in to the panel.  P.S.  Patton Oswalt as moderator?  Squee!!

3D Showcase:  Cloudy w/ a Chance of Meatballs, The Hole, The Final Destination
I’m a sucker for sneak peaks, even if the bulk of them are 3D and for children.  After adoring Up as much as I did I’m willing to give more animated flix a chance.  Plus, I’m hoping the cast of Cloudy will show up – I love me some Bill Hader, NPH, and Anna Faris!

Summit Entertainment:  Astro, Sorority, Twilight
Summit, you sneaky little bastards.  Way to get more press and fans interested in your lesser known projects by grouping them with Twilight!  I’ll be honest.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the first movie, but with a new director and a promise to follow the books a little more I have to say my curiosity is piqued.  Plus I have a lot of friends and family members who did really enjoy it so I might as well stay through Twilight to see some other Hall H goodies and let them know what November holds for them.

20th Centruy Fox and James Cameron present Avatar
One of the most talked about movies of the year and it doesn’t come out until  DECEMBER.  They’re reinventing the movie-going experience y’all!

I love  my little serial killer!  Click here and here for why I’m excited to see Dexter and crew talk about the upcoming season.  Comic Con is the reason why I watched three seasons back to back…Ok ok and it’s really good and I’m that kind of lazy.

From 6pm on I’m at the mercy of my co-bloggers, there’s been talk of a zombie walk…

Friday, July 24

A making of?  I’m there!

Flash Forward
Jon Cho!  Special guest!  Again, I’m a sucker for prescreening pilots.

After the last season finale I’m not excited to go to this panel as I would’ve been last year when I first got into the show.  But I hear it’s wrong to hold grudges…so I’m willing to go and hear their apologies for blatent lies of it not being a dream.  No different than Stewie in a virtual simulation if you ask me!

Joss Whedon is there so I will be there.  If you haven’t gotten into this show yet grab the box set when it’s released next week, semi-suffer through the first 3 to 4 episodes and than sit back and enjoy once Fox lets Whedon do the show how he wanted to do it.

Joss Whedon
I’m a huge fan of the Buffy comics produced by Dark Horse so I’m excited to see what Joss has on tap.

TV GuideMagazine:  Sci Fi Hot List
TV Guide runs through the most buzzed about pilots and returning shows with actors slated to “participate”.  Although this is all code for really long commercial/advertising gimic – I really like tv so I’m excited to see what my DVR should be set to come September.

Saturday, July 25

I’m torn.  There are only two things on Saturday I actually care about and the ballroom they are in is hosting a slew of events I wouldn’t mind seeing.  Do I camp out from 10 am on?  Or do I just try to get in the panel before?  Check back to see if I’m able to report back on:  Eastwick Pilot Screening, Chuck, Family Guy, The Clevland Show!, The Simpsons, V pilot screening and Q&A, Fringe Screening and Q&A, and the True Blood Panel and Q&A sessions.  If it seems to hard I may just say F it all and hang out with the cast of Glee for two and a half hours…

Sunday, July 26

The goal of the day is Supernatural.  Why they are appearing on “kids day” I have no idea but I will trample what ever little munchkin gets in my way.  I’m willing to sit through Smallville and whatever kiddie events are planned in the room first.  Supernatural is what got me into events like the Con and reading comics – Kripke has a hold on my life for one more year and I want to know what kind of ride this year is going to be like!

After that I’m happy to tag along with J1 and Zrose to Paper Hearts and Buffy the Musical (One of my favorite eps!).  I’ll probably be ready for a nap and solitary confinement after Supernatural ends.  Hanging out with 127,000 people is really starting to intimidate me!

Monday, July 27

San Diego Zoo!  Ok, so it has nothing to do with the theme of this site or Comic Con, but I’ve never been and I’m excited.  Hopefully we’ll be the only Comic-Con’ers who have to kill time before a late flight and choose the zoo.

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3 thoughts on “Love Connection: Comic-Con 2009

  1. Junkie1 says:

    Hells yeah! The zoo is going to rule!

  2. Junkie2 says:

    Read my complete list of tags, tee-hee.

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