Humpday Goodbye-ku: Comic-Con 2009

Inky Goodness!

Comic-Con 09. ¡Wee!
Aufedersein, goodbye, y’all
Nerd, geek, dork: I am.

Celebs, panels, lines
Commence the pseudo stalking!
I can has bail, plz?

Check back, stay posted
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel
For dish, goods, and bits


More Humpday Haiku?
All you have to do is click
Octopus delight!

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5 thoughts on “Humpday Goodbye-ku: Comic-Con 2009

  1. Junkie2 says:

    So much better than anything my cracked out trying to pack/write a paper brain could’ve done.



  2. Zrose25 says:

    In light of our trip
    I have one thing to say: Dibs!
    I think that covers it


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