Humpday Reviewku: Comic-Con is my co-pilot

Inky Goodness!

Remembering Comic-Con 2009:

Lines were plentiful.
Sometimes, plans are for suckers
Change it up. New bits.

I must say, I was so stoked when I set out the Comic-Con 2009 schedule and perfectly plotted all of the things I was going to see there. But as things tend to work out, that plan didn’t happen. Fortunately, I packed my rose colored glasses and wound up going off script and introducing myself to some unexpected delights.

Junkie1’s Top 5 fave things from Comic-Con 2009 she didn’t see coming

  1. Solomon Kane
    This was the ultimate example of something I knew zilch about, but wound up completely geek-out/excited for it once the panel was done. Basically, it is a film based on the character created by prolific American author, Robert E. Howard–the man credited with creating the “Sword and Sorcery” genre. Solomon Kane , the film, is the first of hopefully a trilogy following the title character, a ruthless 16th century mercenary for the British empire that renounces violence after meeting up with The Reaper (it’s either redemption or a first class ticket to Hell). After converting to puritanism, circumstance occur and violence ensues. And he wears a kick ass Pilgrim hat! I don’t think I need to say more. Note: I only saw this panel/preview, because of Antonio The Great (see below).
    Bonus: I got to coin a new nickname! The lead role is played by James Purefoy (Rome). After seeing/hearing him at the panel for the film, he shall heretofore be known as “New Jackman.” ZRose25 calls him the glorious lovechild of Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman. Check out the poster!
  2. Exploration
    My original plan would have kept me in a panel ballroom all day. Since most of my plan was stomped to bits by the man, ZRose25 and I found ourselves in the intimidatingly awesome exhibitor hall…everyday…for a few hours. It’s the giant space where all of the vendors, artists, studios, and finest costumed attendees go to frolic and play. Freebies, freaks (with love), and fotografia! Oh, my! It is a madhouse, and I loved every minute.
    Bonus: Chatting with the strangers, and celebrity sightings (Leonard Nimoy! Lou Ferrigno! Thomas Jane! Pacey!! The cast of The Guild!!!!) I am still working on them, but check out my
    photos (more coming soon)!



  3. The Prisoner
    AMC is remaking trippy 60s British series into three part-miniseries this fall, starring Jim Caviezel and Sir Ian McKellan. Jesus and Magneto?! Spys? Surveillance? Yes, please! Caviezel plays “Six,” who wakes up in a strange place known as “the Village” with no memory of who he is or how he got there. It’s a place where everyone is only known by their number, everyone must obey, and no one can escape. See also: the hilarious Simpsons spoof.
    Bonus: You could go to The Prisoner booth in the exhibitor hall to be assigned a number and given a legit ID card. Junkie1 shall now be known as 78-63! Be seeing you.
  4. Quantum Quest
    Here’s the deal: Quantum Quest is a CGI, educational film about photons, space, and the sun (it uses real images from space! Cool!). I had never heard about it before, but much like Solomon Kane I loved learning something new. Also, check out some of the impressive voice cast: Chris Pine (who called in to the panel via iPhone–his hotness oozed out of the speaker and permeated the room despite his long-winded delivery), William Shatner, James Earl Jones, Hayden Christensen, Mark Hamill, Neil frickin’ Armstrong, Robert Picardo, and the totally adorable Doug Jones (of Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth fame). It’s not often you see something that would actually be really great film-making for children. Wow. Bonus: The dual Ph.D. holding, director had amazing hair.
  5. “Antonio The Great”
    The likelihood of getting into the daunting Hall H seemed slim to never ever in your wildest dreams after two attempts. I’d already missed Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and District 9–I felt like screaming out Beck’s  Loser into the heavens. Then Junkie2 informed me that she met a really nice guy who was going to camp out to get in on Saturday. She struck a deal that if I swooped in at 7 a.m. to give him a break he would let my cut in line. Hazah! Antoni was, hands-down, the coolest person we met. He was my ticket into Lost, Solomon Kane, Extract, Zombieland, 2012, and Iron Man 2 (all of which I am all about this year!).
    Bonus: I was able to return the favor the next morning, getting him a seat in the wild Dr. Who panel. AND I got to meet Doc Jensen, Entertainment Weekly’s LOST columnist!

Want more Humpday Haiku? Then here you shall click. More on Comic-Con 09? Click here.

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5 thoughts on “Humpday Reviewku: Comic-Con is my co-pilot

  1. Antonio says:

    Antonio here.
    I got in line too early;
    LOST was way worth it!

  2. Zrose25 says:

    As far as our explorations in the exhibit hall… my favorite find by far was the Heads Up prints by Jay Brant. We ended up getting a print of Hellboy (my favorite), Thor, and Batman. I liked them so much I emailed the artist, to find out if he has any others for sale online. Unfortunately nothing is for sale over the web (yet) but he does do commissions!

    You can check out some of his artwork here:

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