Love Connection: Break Me Off a Piece of That!

At little junkies, we want to set you up with the best of the best so you’ll never be lonely. This week stop (!) in the name of love, and check out some of the yummiest labours of love:

You know you want it!

Name: Food
Occupation: Manager of Sustenance & Joy
Residence: My Belly

Likes: Being loved, being consumed, and being paired & shared.
Dislikes: Too much seasoning, getting burnt, spoiling, being poisonous.

Food in the movies usually looks delicious, but that devourability is amplified when with it made with tender love and care (or at least juxtaposed with the love…or lovin’ in some cases). Below is a sampling of my favorite love-related food consumption in the movies:

You’ve got to love watching the adorable Remy savor every moment of the cooking experience. He risks it all just to be around the finest cuisine, and shows how powerful a good meal can be when the titular dish enlivens the curmudgeonly Anton Ego.

Like Water for Chocolate
Speaking of the power of a good meal…Tita’s emotions become infused in everything she cooks, and her passionate prep puts Meg Ryan’s deli sandwich to shame. Anyone for an order of quail in rose petal sauce?! (Be sure to kiss the cook, not piss her off.)

Speaking of chocolate…every ancient recipe Vianne Rocher prepares holds a special (and typically sensual) power over the recipients. Especially, the tightly wound Comte Paul de Reynaud (Alfred Molina), who inevitably busts into her chocolaterie and devours fistfuls of chocolate. Oh yeah, and hand feeding Johnny Depp chocolaty goodness? Um…yes to both scenarios, please!

No movie makes me want food more than Waitress. Adrienne Shelly’s beautifully crafted film borders on food porn with each overhead shot of Jenna Hunterson’s delectible creations from Bad Baby Pie to Old Joe’s Horny Pie (check a complete listing of Jenna’s pies here). Yum! The only other food porn-ish rivals I know of are Ned’s pies from Pusing Daisies and everything in Marie Antoinette.

I’ve got to believe that no other character loves food as much as Edna Turnblad, and much like her daughter, Tracy, I think I could have easily been described as a “pleasantly plump teen.” Who wouldn’t love a mother that offers you a ham to cheer you up?! Also, do you think Motormouth Maybelle will invite me over for soul food fest? Eat and dance. Sounds like a well-balanced plan to me.

It’s not necessarily a food movie, but it’s food week–inspired by the French-trained Julia Child–and every post this week will likely give a nod to Frenchies and their snobbishly perfect morsels. There are some great food moments in Amelie, but nothing tops Dominique Bretodeau’s ritual consumption of roasted chicken, and the pure joy he recieves from it. Runner-up food moment: Amelie cracking the sugary outler layer of the most perfect creme brulee on the planet.

Willy Wonka & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Here’s a little two-fer for ya. A madman candy scientist and the child that loves his fare. Take a lovin’ spoonful of Gene Wilder, mix in a hefty scoop of Tim Burton and a pint of Johnny Depp. Serve cool over a fresh mixture of musical numbers and technicolor and you’ve got yourself one hell of a candy-love tradition. Thanks Roald Dahl!

Lastly, anything involving a wedding! Indian weddings get me everytime–I want to swallow almost every scene in Bride and Prejudice and wash it down with a little Monsoon Wedding! Let’s not forget all of the spit roasting, potato peeling, and Ouzo slamming in My Big Fat Greek Wedding (and bunt/bun/butt cake). Also, the wedding planning montage in The Wedding Singer gives me the cake cravings like none other (and I’d never turn down a meatball payment…ever).

Ah, l’amour!

Want more Food Week? I thought you might —> click me!

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3 thoughts on “Love Connection: Break Me Off a Piece of That!

  1. Junkie1 says:

    For shame to me! I can’t believe I didn’t add Wayne and Judith’s love blossoming over an Arby’s Big Montana meal in Saving Silverman. Delish, love, funny, and an excuse to bring up Steve Zahn. Also, what guy wouldn’t want Maggie Gyllenhaal’s baker character, Ana Pascal in Stranger Than Fiction, to bake them some love chocolate chip cookies?!

  2. Zrose25 says:

    I want one of everything in this post! It can be hand delivered to me stat.

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