Retro Review: Psych

I'm sensing tastiness in my futurePsych is great. The end…

So a bit more than that, perhaps? The quirky comedy kicked off it’s fourth season on USA last night, and proved to show no signs of slowing down. Thank god, because you aren’t going to find another show on television that seamlessly employs some of the finest pop culture references this side of Seinfeld (where else can you find a menacing Rick Astley pinata or an entire ep anchored by John Hughes movie references?!). Pysch is the story of one gifted, saucy gent that works for the Santa Barbara Police Department…as a psychic detective. His name is Shawn Spencer. He has no psychic ability, but he does have a keen sense of observation, deduction, and reasoning. He also calls upon the super sniffer and magic head of his persnickety, albeit quite clever BFF, Burton Guster (although he goes by several hilarious pseudonyms). Shenanigans ensue.

So how does it fit into Food Week? Lately, I’ve been pouring through Psych‘s third season on dvd, and there is one thing that has been blatantly obvious, from the beginning: Shawn loves food. Also, Shawn’s love of food makes me want food. Whether it’s crab cakes, cereal, strawberry milshakes, jerk chicken, or churros I am down. Luckily Shawn’s spastic sleuthing helps him maintain his boyish figure. I shouldn’t fail to mention that this show is all about the pineapple. In addition to using it as a mascot and hiding one in every episode for sport, Shawn frequently gifts the spikey fruit to new acquaintances.

Great Psych food quote (related to frequent food chain reference, Del Taco):

Lassiter: “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but do you two think you could’ve spoken up a little bit?”
Shawn: “Sorry about that; that’s what happens when we’re in the presence of one of our heroes. Gus almost fainted when we ran into Ralph Macchio at a Del Taco.”
Gus: “For the record he was not working there.”

My reccomendation: Watch. Enjoy. Love. In that order.

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One thought on “Retro Review: Psych

  1. Zrose25 says:

    I love this show! And I want a churro stat! 🙂

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