Sunday Sundries: Intersnacks

I can has?!

Ah, Sunday. The day of mindlessly surfing the internet for stuff to entertain you with! If I am talented in any way, it’s my gift for detecting the absurd on the interlink. Shall we take a stroll down the information super highway?


Effing soft bun babies!

Amy Winfrey’s Muffin Films:
Adorable, snarky, and fluffy fun awaits you through this twelve part muffinamation. One of my favorites is when Winfrey gets all Shel Silverstein on us with The Muffin Tree.

Kogepan: Watch it on YouTube
This is a 10 episode Japanese miniseries about a little bun that was accidentally burnt by a careless baker. Disillusioned, he wanders about the bakery being adorably moody.

Cooking With Dog: Watch it on YouTube
Need to learn how to make some Japanese food? Want to watch a sweet lady cooking with a toy poodle needlessly looking on? Crave a delightful Japanese voiceover actor for the English dubbed version? Then you are in luck, my friends.

Real Food. No joke…okay, some jokes

Ooo, fancy!

Fancy Fast Food:
It’s oh so bad for you, but this site makes it look oh so good. ::drool::

PiePops! & other things:
Yeah. A freaking baby pie on a freaking sucker stick. State Fairs everywhere be damned…I don’t need you anymore!

This is Why You’re Fat:
The tagline does a better job than I ever could: “where dreams become heart attacks.” Both disgusting and eerily intriguing. I don’t know if I will employ the “don’t knock it ’til you try it” argument for most of the featured foods.

Insane Sandwiches:
It’s all in the name. It’s bizarre, but usually deliciously fun!



So what if it’s a machine designed for businesses…the mere fact that a microwave sized machine exists that produces 200, 97% fat-free pancakes/hour.
In the market for a semi-pervy way to prepare hot dogs and marshmallows at you local bonfire? Look no further…leave it to a Texan to create “Marsha Mellow.”


These are my fave sites for finding new things to make:

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sundries: Intersnacks

  1. Zrose25 says:

    Holy eff! Is that a smores keyboard?! 🙂

  2. Zrose25 says:

    Your post has made me hungry! Better get me one of everything stat! Starting with the smores keyboard 🙂

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