That Sucks: End of Summer Season

Damn kid, those things spread like crazy.

Its that time again kids; school is starting up, days are getting shorter, weather is getting cooler, and True Blood‘s season finale is next Sunday – it’s official – Summer is over.

I have to admit, as a Midwesterner, I love all of the seasons and Autumn is my favorite.  Crisp air, cute coats, no need for heat or air conditioning (low electric bills!) and the return of all my favorite shows – well, the one’s that didn’t get chopped way back in Spring.  But, with the emergence of Fall comes the end of Summer and all of the great, addicting shows that fill the void season finale’s left.

A small part of me recognizes that shows are the result of long hours of hard labor by many people. The media whore in me wants my TV to last year long no mater who’s marriage ends as a result (I kid I kid).  Absence does not make the heart grow fonder.  Absence results in me spending too much on TV box sets because I’m too impatient for Netflix to send me disc 3 of 6.  Hi, My name is Junkie 2, and I’m an addict.  [Hi Junkie 2].

I’m appreciative of all the things Summer season does for me while my regularly scheduled programming is on hiatus, but holy crap do I really have to wait 9 months for True Blood to return?!?!  It hurts so much already and hasn’t even been a full week of a 2 week hiatus – if they end on a major cliff hanger a bitch is gonna get slapped.  With that said, I’m probably not going to be invited to any True Blood season finale parties this year…and that sucks.

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