WTF Friday: Toddlers & Tiaras

I hope jazz hands wins, yea for nonconformity!

I hope jazz hands wins, yea for nonconformity!

Toddlers & Tiaras, WTF?  Post complete, talk amongst yourselves.

Oh TLC are you trying to remain objective and just show what you taped or are you subtly mocking the 13 and under pageant circuit?  Because I cannot tell after watching one hour of your series Toddlers & Tiaras, WTF is up with that?  I want the show to have a host, a commentator or someone other than an off screen producer asking questions of these parents and their children!

I don’t have a vendetta against pageants, this is not a rant against them (even though I want to).  Back in the day, before fake hair and false teeth were the norm (and easily attainable), both my younger and older sister competed in a few pageants.  I think small local pageants can do exactly what the parents on this show proclaim them to be able to do – build confidence and gain experience in front of large crowds, and have fun dressing up really pretty for a day.

The parents on this episode, alas, made those statements and then immediately followed them with getting their child fake teeth so that her smile would help her have the “full package” while competing, meeting with a pageant consultant who advises spray tans and fake eyelashes for a 4 year old, and proclaiming that they are just “trying to make her perfect”. AND NO ONE CALLED THEM OUT ON IT!

WTF TLC?  Doesn’t your channel’s acronym mean “The Learning Channel”?  Wasn’t your slogan “A Place For Learning Minds”?  Aren’t you owned by the Discovery channel?  Instead you have shows about Bridezilla’s, parents of multiples having a big ass public divorce and pageants involving babies 0 to 12 months old.  Stop being a reality program!  Do documentaries instead!  You can do all of the above, but educate people in the process!  I don’t want voyeurism, that’s what network television is for, I want the old BBC inspired programming back.  Actually, I want to turn on my tv at any hour of the day and know Trading Spaces will be on, but that’s just my 2001 nostalgia kicking in.

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One thought on “WTF Friday: Toddlers & Tiaras

  1. sigourney says:

    Toddlers and Tiaras on DMAX, they have finally made TV for peodophiles!!! ”find a need, fill a need!!!” big N. O.

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