Love Connection: Scotsman

Lets see, Italy's the boot, Canda's the gun show...what could we say for this map of Scotland?

Lets see, Italy's the boot, Canada's the gun show...

At Little Junkies, we want to set you up with the best of the best so you’ll never be lonely. This week we’re giving you a who’s who in Scotland.  Apparently there was a poll conducted at the end of August for the hottest Scotsman and James McAvoy won! To celebrate legendary sexy Scot Sir Sean Connery’s 79th birthday, ran a  poll to find out which Scottish male make’s Scotland’s hearts pound. Of all the men available to vote for, I wouldn’t have been able to pick just one!  In addition to being sexy, all 4 men are extraordinary actors with extreme dedication to their craft.  So, stop (!) in the name of love, and check out, in no particular order, Scotlands 5 sexiest exports:


Gerard Butler:  Why oh why do they not let this man use his accent in more movies?  Sure his tough guy, scruffy, generalized “American” accent is hot, but his Scottish accent is so much hotter.  Oh and did I mention he used to be  a lawyer?  Sexy, smart and talented – are all the men in Scotland this good?  I’m thinking the flight to Scotland from Minnesota may be just a tad shorter than the flight to Australia I was planning

Gerard may be known best for the movie 300 (and those abs), but I fell in love with Gerard back in 2004 through the movie Dear Frankie, way before he was established as a sex symbol.  After he stole my heart in Dear Frankie (and made stone cry), I backed up the Gerard train and rented Timeline and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.  He was the best part of both, and I now own them.  Gerard is able to go between bad ass action fighter and tender hearted dad/friend/lover/romantic comedy lead seamlessly – and in some movies he even combines the two making my head spin.

Gerard isn’t just for the ladies either.  Gerry is able to pull in high box office numbers for his action flix through a predominantly male audience.  I mean look at him, he has strong leading man practically tattooed around his biceps.  He fights for what’s right, takes a licking and keeps on ticking, and always gets the girl. Who wouldn’t want to be that guy?

Imaginary Thought Bubble:  Wanna Play Doctor?

David Tennant:  According to Little Junkie’s official best friend Antonio, David Tennant would be worth going gay for.  Honestly I don’t know much more about him than that, but I’ll take Antonio’s (and Scotland’s) word for it.

All you need is love...

Ewan McGregor:  He’s played a junkie, a jedi and a penniless writer in love…you can see why I think he’s a perfect match for either me or my co-bloggers :).  Oh wait, he wasn’t our kind of junkie?  Details, details, my friend.  He sings, he dances, he makes me swoon.  This Scotsman has both the chops and the looks of a leading man. Hell, he turned down the role of James Bond in Casino Royale.  You can check him out this fall in Amelia staring alongside Hilary Swank.  Don’t want to wait?  Be sure to rent Trainspotting if you haven’t already seen it.

I could've went with the topless Wanted pic that's everywhere, but he's looking right at me...J2 Dibs!

James McAvoy:  Just like Gerard and Ewan, Mr. McAvoy caught my attention with his acting first, not his looks.  Not that he was bad to look at or anything, but after watching Penelope, Becoming Jane and Atonement I was more interested in who James McAvoy was and not what he looked like with his shirt off.  And at Little Junkies, that’s saying something.  Once we became better acquainted (The Last King of Scotland, The Chronicles of Narnia) I was happy to see him take more action oriented roles (Wanted) and show off his, umm, dedication to his craft.

Mr. Bond

Sean Connery:  Bond.  James Bond.  If the accent, the suit, the cars, the gizmos and gadgets weren’t enough reason for you, just look at the smirk on that face and the twinkle of mischief in those eyes.  Happy Belated Birthday Sir Connery from everyone at Little Junkies!

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7 thoughts on “Love Connection: Scotsman

  1. Junkie1 says:

    Great Scott, J2!! I find your list to be more than a little light when the Scots have produced some damn fine people that I will officially call: *Scotties. Allow me to amend:

    Dougray Scott: First of all: it’s in the name. Second: Helllooo. Did you see his codpiece in Ever After?! Prince Charming, indeed.

    John Hannah: Don’t call me crazy just yet. His role in Sliding Doors had me at hello. He was so good Gwyneth fell for him in two dimensions.

    David O’Hara: Watch Matchmaker with the adorable thinking woman’s hero, Janeane Garofalo and you’ll be wishing this man’s man would sweep you off your feet, too.

    Billy Boyd: How can you not love Pippin from Lord of the Rings?! I love my little Dominic Monaghan, but Pippin was surely the hottest Hobbit this side of Mordor.

    Alan Cumming: I don’t care if he doesn’t fancy the ladies–I still love him. Whether he’s the incredible Nightcvawler from X2, Whiteass Wally from Josie and the Pussycats, naive Frandsen from Sweetland, or even the click happy Boris Grishenko from Golden Eye.

    Robert Carlyle: The man who brought the world The Full Monty?! Come on–he’s a doll, for sure. Let’s just say Marissa Tomei wasn’t complaining in Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing & Charm School. Plus, he’s bringing Stargate back (with Mulan!)!!

    Billy Connolly
    : He’s got the finest head of white hair ever (besides Ted Danson), and if I was an old lady, I would totes want him to be my special gentleman friend. He’s funnier than hell to boot!

    and not for nuthin, but I am starting to think these lists shouldn’t necessarily be restricted to the man-types. Scotland gave us the brilliant Deborah Kerr, Shirley Manson, and Kelly Macdonald (who got me in The Girl in the Cafe). Plus there is that little she-muffin, Katie Leung from Harry Potter.

    • zrose25 says:

      Duuude! David Tennant is pretty awesome. But I think England’s Christopher Eccleston will always be my favorite Dr. Who. 🙂

  2. Junkie2 says:

    The list is just in conjuncture with the poll, we’ll definitly have to do version 2.0 in the future 🙂

  3. silca says:

    no konosco a 4 de los k vienen ay pero a 1 si y es a james mcavoy el mas wapo de los 5 lo amo m enkanta y kedo himnotizada kuando lo veo y cuando oigo su vos ay m enkantaria k m ablara al iodo kon esa voz k tiene cualkiera se derritiera.

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