WTF: NBC’s Fall Schedule

Not Bright Choices

For those of you who made it to the end of Monday’s Musing you may have been confused at the absence of 30 Rock in J2’s “returning fav’s” list.  That’s because she couldn’t figure out when the heck it was returning…

Turns out NBC, for some odd reason, has decided to air SNL Weekend Update:  Thursday for the first few weeks of the season and then change their Thursday schedule around to add 30 Rock back at it’s normal time and day and stop airing SNL Weekend Update:  Thursday.  WTF?  I wasn’t a fan of SNL Weekend Update:  Thursday last year, it stole some great lines for Seth’s weekend update on Saturday and didn’t really add anything to my weekly TV line up.  And even if it did well last year Mr. Big Wig TV Exec, wasn’t their an election spoon feeding them lines?

Whether or not SNL Weekend Update:  Thursday is a good show I feel NBC is making a poor scheduling choice at the beginning of the season.  The fate of 30 Rock and Community rest on the ability of fans being able to tune in and watch it – how the hell are they suppose to do that when you are changing running times?  Sorry NBC, it’s been a good six years since I’ve sat through 2 straight hours of your Thursday comedy line up…On a night where viewers are torn between over 4 great shows on other networks (Grey’s, CSI, Supernatural, Fringe…yes Supernatural counts!) why would you play musical chairs with one of your most critically acclaimed, but under viewed shows?

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2 thoughts on “WTF: NBC’s Fall Schedule

  1. Junkie1 says:

    NBC…where for art thou judgment? It is their annual “genius” to do midseason premiers rather than going head to head with the other networks. It’s basically the recipe for how they are slowly killing their quality shows.

    An even greater WTF, NBC: Why the eff did you shortchange Conan?! Yes, I know you were greedy and wanted to keep Jay around, but by ignoring him to pander to Jay’s demands you are killing Conan and the storied majesty of the Tonight Show! Why not just leave Jay and Conan where they were?

    NBC is the toddler who refuses to share and winds up socially malnourished and alone. Tsk, tsk.

  2. […] in your mouth?  NBC’s must see Thursday line up was ragged on by yours truly a few posts back for their treatment of 30 Rock and Community in favor of having a few episodes of SNL Weekend […]

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