Love Connection: True Blood, Volume 1; Jason Stackhouse

At little junkies, we want to set you up with the best of the best so you’ll never be lonely.  With the season finale of True Blood airing this past Sunday I can’t help but think I’ll be real lonely this weekend, and every Sunday till next summer.  To help cure me of my blood blues I’ll be revisiting the residents that make Bon Temps (and HBO) so hot throughout the next nine months.  So, stop (!) in the name of love, and check out the first Love Connection of our True Blood series:

He's just waiting for you to check out season 1.

He's just waiting for you to check out season 1.

Name: Jason Stackhouse (We’ll do an updated Australia post on actor Ryan Kwanten soon!)
Occupation:  Resident hottie on HBO’s True Blood/Road Crew Supervisor/Ladies Man/Sookie Stackhouse’s Big Brother
Residence: Bon Temps, Louisiana

Likes:   Sex, women, sex with women, new waitresses at Merlottes, Jesus, The American Way, Bon Temps, his Gran and his sister, and as of late guns
Dislikes: Thinking, occasionally vampires (currently pro vamp), being suspected of murder, The Fellowship of the Sun, The Newlins (self righteous bastards), people speaking ill of his sister

Jason on Jason:  “I work out like a mother-f*** and I watch a lotta porn to learn stuff. What else?… My best friend killed my grandma and my girlfriend. I come from no money. My momma and daddy died when I was eleven.”

Alright, so as a future therapist and self described independent, intelligent,  strong woman Jason’s description of himself should have me running for the hills – but have you seen the boy smile?  Aside from having a body fat percentage of dang near negative 3% and boyishly charming good looks Jason has a lot of heart and can be surprisingly insightful.  While most reviewers would have you believe Jason is some backwater dim witted country hick, I side with his sister Sookie in that the boy’s not dumb, just lazy with his brain.  His ignorance comes off as endearing not foolish.  Plus  its really fun to watch him read the bible and discover that light equals good and darkness equals evil.

Favorite Quotes:

Jason: [in his thoughts] I’m too damn pretty to go to prison.

Jason Stackhouse: Evil is makin’ the pre-medicated choice to be a dick.

Sarah Newlin: You’re worse than Judas.
Jason Stackhouse: Why? What’d he do to you?

Jason Stackhouse: Most of the gays I come across, they look like…
Eddie: You. You’re what we’re supposed to look like.

Jason: It’s like if a tree falls in the woods  it’s still a tree, ain’t it?

Jason [about Steve]: That sonuvabitch. It’s like he sucked out my brain and planted all his own babies there

Jason Stackhouse: Sometimes you need to destroy something to save it. That’s in the Bible [pause] or the Constitution.

Jason: Jesus Christ, I wanna lick your mind!
Amy Burley: Let’s have lunch first.

Jason Stackhouse: I’m alive. Holy shit. God saved me. I’m saved.
Sarah Newlin: Oh, for heaven’s sake, grow a brain cell. Paintballs!

Just think what your mother would say!

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