That Sucks Thursday: Writing Off Shows Before They Even Begin

Really J2?  I mean really.  Comm'on!

Really J2? I mean really. Comm'on!

Did you know it was still possible to type with your foot in your mouth?  NBC’s must see Thursday line up was ragged on by yours truly a few posts back for their treatment of 30 Rock and Community in favor of having a few episodes of SNL Weekend Update:  Thursday.  I still disagree with how they’ve decided to run their schedule this fall, but surprisingly Weekend Update didn’t disappoint.  So… I suck.

Had this little junkie done her research she would’ve known that Amy Poehler would be returning!  I hadn’t intended on watching the show, honestly I just wanted to wait until the premier of SNL next weekend.  But when I turned on my television last night I was rewarded for my laziness with my favorite bit, and as a bonus it was knocking on Kanye:Vodpod videos no longer available.

All and all this is a good move to get a little buzz for SNL before it’s premier in a few weeks, and it provides much needed commentary on celebrities and TV personalities who do stupid things – BUT – I miss 30 rock more than I miss Weekend Update.

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