WTF Friday: ‘The Industry’ Swift[ly] Plays Us…Again

Taylor, you owe me big tim for this.

WTF, Music Industry?! Why do you treat me like an idiot?

The media on the Megan Fox of Hip-Hop’s hijacking of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at last week’s VMAs is insane. Now, the interlink is buzzing with reports that Swift and West share an agent and the trio had a meeting early last week (before the VMAs and yes, that means that it was likely staged all along). If it was staged, they really should have done a better job–at least Eminem decked Bruno and stormed out of the MTV Movie Awards. The post-event headlines should have read “Taylor enjoys boom in sales & MTV, a boom in ratings.” Now Swift, who went on a national television show to talk about the incident, is refusing to talk about it to peons like radio show hosts because she wants to “move on.” I hate to break it to you, Taylor, but people are going to ask about that for the rest of your career the same way that nerds will always ask Lucy Lawless about being Xena: Warrior Princess.

Remember when MTV used actually show videos and give us sharp-witted entertainment like Daria? ::sigh::

What’s worse? The line-up of VH1’s Divas Live show this year: Paula Abdul (host), Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis, and Miley Cyrus. First, why does this show still exist? They haven’t had a Divas Live since 2004. Second, is anyone else depressed that the line-up was dominated by reality show winners rather than accomplished musicians? Third, Miley Cyrus?

Apparently, we don’t need to showcase/applaud the success of anyone over the age of 30 anymore and if women want recognition for their music, they have to slap on some platforms and be a card-carrying, Swarovski-clad “diva.” I guess it’s reality crowning, nepotism, or bust (I credit choices like Adele and Clarkson to the network’s attempt to appear legit). Real musician and Divas “special guest,” Cyndi Lauper was much better enjoyed on last night’s premier of Bones. I wish someone would have televised the Anti-Divas Live show in NYC instead.

All the more reason I enjoy carefully crafted playlists on my iPod rather than carefully packaged “artists.” I like all kinds of music-new and old–even the occasional, over-produced pop fluffer. I just don’t like being force-fed the latest crock of crap by the most tired industry on the planet. My mama taught me to feed myself, thanks.

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3 thoughts on “WTF Friday: ‘The Industry’ Swift[ly] Plays Us…Again

  1. Zrose25 says:

    Amen sista! 🙂

    • Junkie1 says:

      About Kanye: it was a douche move indeed, but I still feel worse for Mike Meyers having to stand on national television (that the majority of the country was tuned into) when Kanye decided to inform us all that George W. Bush was a racist than I do for Taylor Swift not getting to thank her fans.

  2. Antonio says:

    Preach it!
    Right on…

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