Monday Musing: Award Show Edition

He Sings, He Dances, He Does a Damn Good Job Hosting

He Sings, He Dances, He Does a Damn Good Job Hosting

Award shows.  You either love ’em, or wonder why the heck anyone would spend four hours watching them.  Me?  I’m somewhere in between.  Thanks to the invention of the DVR I’m able to catch the funny bits, fast forward through the awkward and slow bits and still see who won so I can b!tch about it on my blog.

The Emmy’s last night were much better than usual.  As I’m sure you’ve heard from other news sites and blogs by now, their new format of grouping the awards into five categories was a step in the right direction.  Explaining where everyone from the orchestra to the director were going to be, um, not so much.

Much like an anti-Veronica Mars post, you’ll never see us rip on Neil Patrick Harris on little junkies.  He could’ve mimed the entire night and I would’ve found some way to praise him, critics be damned.  But, much like the Tony’s, NPH did an outstanding job!  From bantering with Jon Cryer (hilarious and adorable throughout both of his “speeches” that evening) to hanging out with the Hammer, NPH kept the Emmy’s moving along at a good pace with just the right amount of humor and sass.  If it hadn’t been for Neil, I don’t think I would’ve tuned in, or lasted as long had I.

The Emmy’s, much like the Acadamy Awards these days, just make me remember all the great shows and actors that aren’t being recognized.  While the Emmy’s improved their cred a little by honoring Toni Collete (United States of Tara) and nominating Flight of the Conchord’s in more than one category, there just isn’t enough variety in the nominations for me.

There are a ton of wonderful shows out there with great writing, compelling characters and amazing actors!   So I propose, in order to open up some slots, that once an actor (or writer or show for that matter) wins an Emmy for playing a certain character on a certain show they are ineligible to be nominated again for that particular role.  Tina Fey is great, we all know she is great, but once you award her for playing Liz Lemon wouldn’t awarding her the next year for playing the exact same character just show that her reliability as an actor has been proven?  Shouldn’t that be a given when hired to be an actor? (Devil’s Advocate:  I know this would take away from giving accolades to a show/person that continues to do great and excel and everyone from writers to directors to actors, etc, deserve their moment of praise.  I really was happy that 30 rock won again and that Mad Men doesn’t suck – but when Tina Fey didn’t win this year for female did it mean she, or any of the other 3 non-winners, sucked?  No!)

I realize I’m probably just bitter because reality TV is getting nominations (and their own freaking category out of 5) when my favorite actors/shows have yet to be recognized (Gilmore Girls anyone?  Lauren Graham was shut out every year!  And what about V. Mars’s writing team?  Or the directors at Supernatural?  Hell, damn near half of Supernatural’s staff came off X-files!). I’m sure Breaking Bad and Mad Men are wonderful shows, hell, they’ve been in my Netflix queue since the day they were eligible.  But I’ve yet to find anyone who actually watches either on a regular basis.

Were there any upsets for you this year?  Anyone who should’ve won or even been nominated?

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