The Love Connection: Ben Foster

At little junkies, we want to set you up with the best of the best so you’ll never be lonely. This week stop (!) in the name of love, and check out this little muffin:

Naughty and nice. Me likey!

Name: Ben Foster
Occupation: Character actor. Resident “naughty hottie”
Residence: LA (probably…despite the pervy undertones, I am not a stalker)

Likes: Taking on a challenge, intense emoting, rocking a damn fine (and rare) blond mustache/beard
Dislikes: Being pigeon-holed and/or bored

Oh, Mr. Foster, you freak out my head, and my mind, and my brain. I love you and here are some of the main reasons:

  1. You have had guest spots on some of my fave shows! Boston Public, Freaks & Geeks, Six Feet Under, and you even played a crazy inmate on My Name is Earl that threatened to rip Earl’s ears off and stick them up his butt so he could hear you kickin’ his ass. ::swoon::
  2. You were Angel/Warren Worthington III in X-Men: The Last Stand which puts you in the company of Hugh Jackman, which makes you awesome! Plus, double score on the character name.
  3. You’re naughty! The psychotic kidnapper, Mars Krupcheck in Hostage. The delusional-ly loyal, Charlie Prince in 3:10 to Yuma. The addict nutjob, Jake Mazursky in Alpha Dog. The totally creepy “Stranger” in 30 Days of Night.
  4. You’re nice! You starred in the adorable teen comedy series Flash Forward. Ah Tucker and Becca (played by Jewel Staite, who would go on to play frickin’ Kaylee Frye from Serentiy), one of the greatest teen will-they-or-won’t-theys ever. High School Musical eat your heart out. You were also the rebellious interacially lovelorn Ben Kurtzman in the fantastic 50s pic Liberty Heights.
  5. You are uber talented. As a tween, you placed second in an international competition for a play you wrote and directed! Brains (in a total non-zombie way)!Bonus tidbit: For 3:10 to Yuma, Foster was trained by renowned Hollywood gun coach Thell Reed, who also trained Russell Crowe, Kurt Russell, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Sam Elliot, Girard Swan and Val Kilmer for Tombstone. ::Bang::

You’re hot (Especially in X-Men and 3:10Charlie Prince’s costume=best in the West) . You’re smart. You’re funny. And you’re well represented in the superhero genre (The Punisher, X-Men, and rumored to be considered for Spiderman 4). And you best believe I’ll be figuratively crapping myself at Pandorum this weekend! I am officially smitten.

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2 thoughts on “The Love Connection: Ben Foster

  1. emilycd says:


    i totally had a crush on him back in his Flash Forward days and nearly jumped out of my skin when I recognized him in X-Men 3.
    Huzzah for spotlighting this nummy-honey!

    • Junkie1 says:

      A-greed! I love me a character actor–it good to know there are actors of our generation that still see the value in being an actor and not just a pretty face.

      More Johnny Depps and less Tom Cruises!

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