Monday Musing: KEEP/DROP/RETOOL Fall 2009

Ah, the sweet, sweet colors of fall.

Ah, the sweet, sweet colors of fall.

A couple of weeks back I made a list of television shows, both returning and new, I was excited to see.  Now, after watching each show for 3 episodes (on average) I give my two cents on if it should be kept, retooled, or dropped.  I am now DVR-less and TV watching has become a bit of a pain unfortunately, even with Hulu, so I’ve noticed I’m a little more harsh lately than usual.  Let me know your take in the comments.

Returning Favs

Biggest Loser (NBC):  Dear NBC, why the heck are episodes saved for a week before being released online (to either your page or Hulu’s)?  Outside of that I don’t have any real complaints yet.  I haven’t become terribly involved in any one contestant, but thankfully I’m not put off by anyone yet either.  As someone who has struggled with her weight for most of her life I find Bob & Jillian’s compassion towards the contestants, and the contestants determination to change for themselves and their family, compelling as ever.  KEEP, especially since it’s more about weight-loss and healthy choices this season and less about a competition.

Bones (Fox):  Just like last season’s finale, I’m torn.  I love the characters and how they interact with each other, and the science highlighted in each case of the week is interesting – but the story lines of late?  Umm, yeah not so much.  The will they or won’t they component in Booth and Bone’s relationship is overplayed and at this point cliche.  The show needs to be RETOOLED to a formula similar to the first/second season (more Squints!) or move on from where they are and just pair up our crime fighting duo.  David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel have the chemistry and talent needed to pull off two main characters hooking up – provided the writers don’t go the soap opera route and immediately break them up, get them back together, break them up, give one of them amnesia…wait, they did that (kind of) already didn’t they?  Hart Hanson’s recent revelation to Michael Ausiello (EW) that they are promotion whores doesn’t allow me to believe changes will be made in the right direction yet.  Here’s hoping Bones doesn’t become the next Heroes in my life.

Castle (ABC):  I couldn’t be happier with a show than I am with Castle!  Nathan Fillion plays Castle with just the right amount of charm that he doesn’t seem like a self absorbed jerk – which on paper I imagine the character would.  While Fillion’s character is what sets Castle apart from other crime dramas, I’m amazed at how well Stana Katic is able to counter him and hold her own.  Their relationship, as well as Castle’s relationship with his daughter, is what KEEPs me coming back for more.

Dexter (Showtime):  No DVR means no cable :(.  Luckily Showtime sent me a link to watch the first episode, but I’m hesitant to do that knowing I won’t have easy access to episode 2.  Junkie1 & Zrose will hopefully let us know how this season is with out spilling the beans.  KEEP, because Michael C. Hall is amazing and the Comic Con panel showed no signs of slowing down this season.

Dollhouse (Fox):  I miss Echo’s handler.  I miss November/Mellie being a regular.  I miss Victor & Sierra.  I miss a less complex Whiskey/Dr. Saunders.  We’re only two episodes into Dollhouse’s second season, so I may get what I want soon.  But, the absences are notable, and the new characters introduced haven’t been focused on enough for me to care.  Eliza on the other hand is a strong enough actor that her performances as Echo and the character of the week are enough to KEEP me coming back for more.  KEEP.  You hear that FOX?  You KEEP that son bitch for more than a few episodes for once.

Fringe (Fox):  KEEP!  KEEP!  KEEP!  Fox, you switched it to Thursday do not be surprised you lost viewers.  And do NOT cancel it.  After Wonderfalls, Arrested Development, Firefly, and the treatment of Dollhouse I will not take cancellation well.  If you haven’t watched it yet check out the first season on DVD now.  Sharp, witty dialogue, coupled with cases surrounding massively interesting fringe sciences and superb acting and casting.  Not a single complaint.  This is the only show I wait for with bated breathe every week.

Heroes (NBC):  Click here, cry one single tear, and then move on.  It’s time.

House (Fox):  Amazing first episode, especially given the fact that House was essentially the only character we know from the show that appeared in the two hour premier.  In addition to me voting to KEEP House for as many seasons as Hugh Laurie wants to do, I’m ready to advocate for a show based on the doctors and patients we met during House’s inpatient stay.

The Office (NBC):  Jim and Dwight antics are back, color me happy 🙂  KEEP, but I would be okay with the show ending at season six or seven.  How long does the documentary team need to be there for?  Why has no one left permanently or been fired since season 1? I like it, but I also want it to go out on top.

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox):  KEEP.  I like dancing, the judges (even rumored) are interesting, and there are no plot points for them to mess up.

Supernatural (The CW):  As someone who has watched all 4 seasons and the start of season 5 I’m worried I can’t explain or talk about anything without letting the cat out of the bag since so much has elapsed since that first season.  So…I’ll just leave it at:  KEEP!  And hopefully add that sixth season that’s rumored, because I still want more.

New Shows

Community (NBC):  KEEP!  EXTEND TO AN HOUR!  DEDICATE YOUR THURSDAY NIGHT LINE UP TO!  It’s like watching a mini Apatow movie every week (he’s not involved to my knowledge).  Great cameos, fun story lines, interesting premise and hilarious writing.  What more could you want?

Flash Forward (ABC):  I have tried and tried to watch this on Hulu.  The premise seems so different and so promising!  But, everything on the show is over-explained beyond redundancy.  Whether it’s the network’s influence to the first few episodes or just the regular writing of the show is yet to be seen.  Once a few more episodes are up on Hulu I’ll try to give it another shot, but as of now my vote is to DROP.  I just have too much TV to watch and a life to attend to, I don’t have time to be treated stupidly.

Glee! (Fox):  Who hasn’t been loving this show as of late?  There isn’t anything I can say that the first episode won’t show you.  KEEP, and if you haven’t watched it yet get caught up through iTunes or Hulu.

Modern Family (ABC):  The ads and reviews claim it’s “The best comedy on television!” and “The next Arrested Development!”  First of all, Arrested is awesome, but it’s a giant slap in the face to call it the next Arrested Development to garner publicity when Arrested was cancelled not for being bad, but for not having the numbers the network wanted.  After one episode, I’m not seeing it.  There have been a few good onliners, but overall HALF of the pilot episode was a throw away for me.  KEEP for now, but I’m afraid of what’s to come.

V (ABC):  Hasn’t aired yet, I was a fan of the pilot during Comic-Con, but word is there is massive RETOOLING already going on.  Dear ABC, You have a Sci-Fi show.  Instead of trying to mask that embrace it AND the fans that go with it. Sincerely, J2

Vampire Diaries (The CW):  J1 and Zrose have their first episode opinion up here (and in the comments).  While I don’t think I’ll make it a point to watch regularly, I think its a solid show for the intended fan base.  If I were in high school I would be all over it.  But, I’ve been through high school and have a hard time staying with shows set so obviously in high school (90210 & Gossip Girl that goes for you too).  Glee seems to be the only exception, but they sing and dance which distracts me.  KEEP.

Eastwick (ABC):  First episode review:  It’s like Desperate Housewives with a fountain.  Second episode review:  I couldn’t finish the episode.  DROP.  The actresses are good, but not right for the characters.  It’s as if the show is between trying to be campy and trying to be serious and they just haven’t pulled off whatever they are trying to yet.  If they were to RETOOL, it would have to be massive.

Melrose Place (The CW):  Much like Entertainment Weekly’s review of Ally McBeal coming out on DVD, I think this (and its predecessor) is a good show with solid acting and good casting, but, to quote Entertainment Weekly’s Alynda Wheat, “…television’s come along way, baby.”  The CW may have been in need of shows, a few diehard Melrose and 90210 fans may have really wanted it, and the original actors may have really needed the job, but television did not need it.  DROP and give Katie Cassidy and Stephanie Jacobsen shows of their own.

NCIS:  LA (CBS):  I haven’t watched it!  I completely forgot until writing this post that I was excited to get me some Chris O’Donnel and LL Cool J.  I was even more excited that it’s Chris who’ll be playing the resident bad cop and LL who’ll reel him in.  Hopefully the last couple of episodes of NCIS that introduced the new show are still on Hulu, or available through Netflix.  Have you been watching?  KEEP, DROP, or RETOOL?

The Beautiful Life:  TBL (The CW):  Thankfully, it’s already been DROPPED.  Nothing but the models and the fact they were modeling were really introduced in the first two episodes and I was happy not to have to watch a third.  Surprisingly it wasn’t Mischa’s fault, hopefully this won’t hurt her “comeback”.

White Collar (USA):  I’m a little worried that I’m hearing nothing about this show – there’s been no chatter on the internet good or bad.  No cable = no access at the moment.  Dear USA, Please post them online!  Have you been watching?  KEEP, DROP, or RETOOL?

***Mercy (NBC):  Initially I wasn’t going to write anything about a show I felt to be a Nurse Jackie rip off on network television, both in reading the premise and in watching the first episode.  Then I accidentally watched the second episode and all those parallels are gone.  Here’s hoping episode three will continue on this path, nurses are more interesting to me then those Grey’s Anatomy doctors.  KEEP, for now.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Musing: KEEP/DROP/RETOOL Fall 2009

  1. Antonio says:

    I love Glee. What a fresh and original show.
    As for Community, I’m still on the fence (as well as FlashForward with it’s stupid spelling that makes it hard for me to search for it on the DVR). They are “wait-and-see” for me.

    • Junkie2 says:

      Community has been getting stronger with each episode, stick with it! I’m afraid I’ll end up dropping Flash Forward, and I hope they keep those Glee kids in 10th grade for the next three years to prolong the show as long as possible!

  2. Zrose25 says:

    I know you said you werent digging Heroes… but I finally got around to watching the first three episodes. To tell you the truth I am still digging it. Of course there are a few things I wouldnt miss if they fell off the face of the universe ::cough::ClairesCollegeLesbianExperimenting::cough:: but I only intended to watch the first episode and found myself wanting more. So its a KEEP for me.

    • Junkie2 says:

      Let me know if those drop off the universe events happen and I’ll come back.

    • Antonio says:

      The phrase “ClairesCollegeLesbianExperimenting” is enough to get me back into Heroes. I’ve stopped watching but my DVR is still set to record them, so I have them available.

      • zrose25 says:

        I think that little gem is going to happen starting next week… so feel free to skip right to that episode 😉

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