Humpday Haiku: Zombieland

Inky Goodness!

Movie: Zombieland
Cameo good, but not great.
R. Evil with jokes…

Remember the rules:
Limber up, then Cardio
Seat belts, Double Tap

Snowballs, Twinkies, Wine
Z-land diet = Acne
Enjoy little things

Starring Michael Cera Columbus,
Wichita & Little Rock
No first names allowed

Woody steals the show
Haiku gold; Tallahassee
Examples below

Thank God For Red Necks!
Zombie killer of the week?
Nut up or shut up.

More Humpday Haiku?
All you have to do is click
Octopus delight!

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One thought on “Humpday Haiku: Zombieland

  1. Jes says:

    I soooo want to see it!

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