Retro Review: Super Troopers

Baad boys, bad boys...

Super Troopers (2001) is comedy troupe Broken Lizard‘s first wide-release feature film. It is the funniest, too (plus it gives me tons of material to tease my friends that are cops).

Here’s the skinny: It’s about a group of Vermont State Troopers that pull an unending number of shenanigans and engage in other types of tomfoolery to liven up their jobs (like syrup-chugging competitions). The big baddies in the film are the local Spurberry police and state budget cuts. When the troopers unwittingly bust a trucker hauling a load of marijuana and a woman turns up dead, things start to get interesting.

Think of Broken Lizard‘s films as the more intelligent cousins of the National Lampoon movies or the more juvenile older brother of Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright’s parodies. Point is they are damn funny, despite the fact that they are marketed to guys. Don’t write them off because they find any excuse to flash a boob or consume copious amounts of beer (note: should this be your kind of thing, definitely check out Lizard‘s Beerfest). Chew on this:  award-winning actor Brian Cox plays the Captain of the bumbling troopers, wonder woman Linda Carter has a cameo as the calculating governor of Vermont, the film was a Sundance selection met with raucous approval, and it brought Fox Searchlight a profit of $15.25 million. Suck on that, Van Wilder. I would recommend all of this troupe’s films (Super Troopers, Club Dread, & Beerfest), but I am not going to say that everyone will appreciate the comedy.

Here are some of my favorite bits of dialogue in Super Troopers:

Farva: License and registration… chicken fucker! (Note the couple Farva says this to are actually Kevin Heffernan’s (Farva) parents)

Farva: I want a goddamn litre o’ cola!
Dimpus Burger Guy: [to Farva] I don’t know what that is!
Farva: [slowly starts shouting] Litre is French for… [grabs burger kid by shirt]
Farva: … give me my fuckin’ cola before I break VOUS FUCKIN’ LIP!

Mac: Oh, c’mon, we’re like the sons you never had.
Captain O’Hagan: If you were my son, Mac, I would’ve smothered you by now.
Mac: Smothered me in gravy you big dirty man.

Mac: But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun!
Thorny: [referring to Farva] Yeah, and his shenanigans are cruel and tragic.
Foster: [after a pause] Which… makes them not really shenanigans at all.
Mac: [in a silly voice] Evil shenanigans!
Captain O’Hagan: I swear to God I’m going to pistol whip the next guy who says, ” Shenanigans.”
Mac: Hey Farva what’s the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?
Farva: You mean Shenanigans?

Foster: Am I saying ‘Meow’?… Do I look like a cat to you, boy? Am I jumpin’ around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree? Am I drinking milk from a saucer? [feigned anger] Do you see me eating mice?
Foster: Meow, I’m gonna have to give you a ticket on this one. No buts meow. It’s the law.

Farva: What’s this? [playing with cloth]
Rabbit: A chamois cloth.
Farva: Ha. Lucky guess. I just lost a buck…To myself!

College Boy 3: [licking back window of police car] The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

Mac: How’s your shooting, Thorny?
Thorny: Good. I’ve been dead on all morning.
Mac: What about that little guy? [points to a bullet hole in the shooting target’s neck]
Thorny: Who, that little guy? I wouldn’t worry about that little guy.
(Note: This “bullet-proof cup” scene was shot outside an actual prison. While Steve Lemme (Mac) was standing there, wearing just a cup, prisoners were pressed against the fence yelling at him.)

Farva: Who wants cream? Nobody? Okay, no cream.

I’ll be seeing the boys of Broken Lizard while they’re out on their live comedy tour, and likely watching the rest of their movies in the coming days. I can’t wait for the live show…”I’m freaking out, man!!”

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3 thoughts on “Retro Review: Super Troopers

  1. zrose25 says:

    Front row Duder! 🙂 Its gonna rock!!

  2. […] I went to see the Broken Lizard comedy show last week, and had a splendid time giggling like a teenager. I engaged in a some light […]

  3. Waylon says:

    This is certainly my initial stop by and I really like what I’m seeing. Your weblog is so much fun to look over, quite compelling as well as informative.

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