Rhoda gives me nightmares.

Teh Bad Seed

The Bad Seed is the mother of all nature v. nurture debates, and it’s probably my in my Top Five Scariest Movies of All Time list. Mostly, it’s because it reaffirms my theory that children cannot be trusted (be they of the corn or any other variety). Here’s why little Rhoda Penmark would send me running for my mommy: She’s not possessed, diseased, or supernatural. Rhoda’s so not nice, they made her thrice: book, stage, and screen.

Sure Linda Blair’s pea soup-tacular was unsettling, but isn’t it more frightening to think that little Johnny may or may not just stab you in the back with their tiny plastic scissors for not letting them have their Nintendo DS? At least with the other horror kids you can explain it away (“Well, their village was damned”). Plus perfect blonde locks are especially frightening!

Look into to it if you haven’t before (and if you dare).

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4 thoughts on “Rhoda gives me nightmares.

  1. Junkie2 says:

    I remember the day you told me I reminded you of her, awe, memories. 🙂

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