Ian McKellen + Mockumentary = [Mag]Neato!

McKellen is all powerful.

Photographed by Lee Jenkins in London

Sir Ian is going back to school…or he will be pending the ever-finicky U.K./U.S. buyers.

One of the most adorable and accomplished actors of all time is set to star in a new mockumentary series as the fictional Murray McKellen, Sir Ian’s little bro that heads up a failing drama school (Murray is McKellen’s real middle name). Production has begun on six episodes, but if it doesn’t get picked up soon the producers could risk a major conflict with McKellen’s schedule ::cough The Hobbit cough::

I’m rooting for some major Gervais-style humor along the lines of McKellen’s brilliant guest role on Extras.

Hopefully, I will get to see this show on BBC America at the very least. Until then I am prepping for the awesome that will be McKellen’s portrayal of Number Two in AMC’s The Prisoner (starting November 15th).

[via Variety] [Image via Out Magazine]

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4 thoughts on “Ian McKellen + Mockumentary = [Mag]Neato!

  1. zrose25 says:

    You are aware that I am not really a wizard, right?

  2. zrose25 says:

    Lol… Count me in for this show… I love Sir Ian 🙂

  3. Super Mon says:


    1: We need to have Ricky Gervais and Sir Ian themed viewing party

    2: Survival of the Feminist is no more, although I do appreciate the link. If you felt so inclined, you could link to supermon.wordpress.com. wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

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