Dr. Parnassus, srsly?!

Once again, the people of the United States get jobbed. Allow me to clarify, below is the official U.S. poster for Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus:


If I knew nothing about this movie, this poster would totally disinterest me. It’s a horrible design–especially when you compare it to the European version (below) and the brilliant trailer. Am I the only one that finds it sad that the rest of the world gets thought-provoking media, and we get slapped in the face with the cast. Maybe I’m just talking (er, typing) crazy…  I mean don’t we all like totally care about names and faces over substance and art?

Hello, World, can you PLEASE take note that not everyone in the U.S. is an idiot?! Fortunately, I am one of those non-idiots, and I won’t hold this boo-worthy studio move against the film itself. I’ll just  bask in the beauty, whimsy, and mystery encapsulated in the better advertising vein until December 25th:


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2 thoughts on “Dr. Parnassus, srsly?!

  1. Eralc Alegna says:

    I don’t get it… it’s not like the Euro poster is too far out for Americans or something….looks like hundreds of others I’ve seen

    • Junkie1 says:

      That’s what I’m sayin! It’s just so lame–and the studio will probably wonder why this movie did better in Europe. Um, because that poster is probably a more accurate depiction of the cinematic experience Gilliam has prepared–not the tame doe-eyed romance/face parade presented to the U.S.

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