An ode to The Box

Inky Goodness!

Push it, push it good
You are the experiment
Two hours, I lost

Let’s just say this, this ambitious little social commentary isn’t going to be blowing any minds anytime soon. One thing I wasn’t quite pickin’ up on was Cameron Diaz’s freak-outs about Frank Langella’s face. While Frank Langella does indeed charm as the man with well over two-thirds a face, Arlington Steward, there are far better men with messed up faces I’d spend ten dollars and two hours on (but I still love you, James Marsden).

I mean, in Face/Off you get two men with no faces (Cage and Travolta), the inaccurately titled The Man Without a Face provides Mel Gibson with an entire face, but it’s kind of FUBAR’d on one side, and several iterations of the accurately named Batman villain Two Face/ Harvey Dent gives you two faces (one with more than a few dents). And Darth Vader has a great pasty face. Or what about fricken Gerard Butler’s hawt Phantom of the Opera?! Or the bloomin’ elephant man, John Merrick. Or Eric Stolzt in Mask?!

I don't know if I'd classify this as monstrous...

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One thought on “An ode to The Box

  1. zrose25 says:

    Ahahah… loved the dent joke. ::rimshot::

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